Friday, 29 February 2008

Snack on this

The last few weeks I've really started to enjoy my Cadburys Whole Nut chocolate bar. I often rotate it with StarBar, Double Decker or a packet of crisp. But really the Whole Nut is my current favourite bar.

The only problem I have with the Whole Nut is the amount of nut that is given. I've often sat at my desk having finished whichever filling sandwich I had that day and felt a little bit more the peeved and the nut situation with Cadburys Whole Nut and wanted to blog something about it.
Sometimes I might get a segement or two that are nutless. Thats not a Whole Nut in my eye's. That's Dairy Milk. I've see more nuts on the bus ride home after work. (Or a bus ride in the next town, but that's a private joke for the missus and involves some escaped mental patient.)
There have been times when in the shop Whole Nut purchasing, that I've felt the back of the bar to try and feel how many nuts are under the packaging. (Best 'fondling nuts in public' joke get kudos - Ed)

Today I got a shock. My Whole Nut (extra size as it is a Friday/payday) had lots of nuts in it. So much so I think I got over 2.1 nuts per segement. That has to be a World Record. It's a better feeling then opening up a monkey nut and finding three peanuts.


I'm very very happy.


pinkjellybaby said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm! mememe!

I think you were the real but on that bus :P

Blue soup said...

i love whole nut chocolate bars. Yum

James said...

your nuts if your nutty about the nuts in a whole nut bar.

I can't stand them myself.

survivingmyself said...

you want more nuts.


i'm 12.

Ashley said...

your nuts look great.

hahahahahahahahah. ok now i can't stop laughing. it takes a refined sense of humor to appreciate that joke.

commis chef said...

What I wouldn't do for a cadbury's whole nut chocolate bar.

How do you feel about the ratio of raisins and nuts to chocolate in their fruit and nut version?

(I need to know how to react if confronted with a choice between the two).

Hey, have you ever bought a kit kat that was filled with solid chocolate instead of wafery goodness?

Robbie said...

Pinkosa; I was excluding you from my "nuts on the bus" count, but if you're going to be like that...

Soupster; there is something so simplistic about them which makes them taste better.

James; Thats just wrong. Unless of course your allergic to nuts (or chocolate) which is the only excuse I'll let you give.

Surviving; Kudos, you were the first one to make a childish comment. I'm glad you did as I was beginning to get worried none of my readers would.

Ashley; Kudos for laughing at your own joke. It's a great feeling laughing at your jokes.

Chef; Do they not have Whole Nut-esque bars in France? Do they have Milka there? Thats far nicer then anything in the UK.
My reaction to the Fruit and Nut would be to spit it out. I hate shrivaled grapes.
I always feel robbed by a whole chocolate KitKat finger. TI always expect and demand wafer in my KitKat

commis chef said...

They do yeah, but its no cadbury's. I will get myself a Milka version, subject it to the highest levels of scrutiny, and let you know the results, assuming that 2.1 whole nuts per square is the optimum amount.

As for shriveled grapes, I've been won over in recent years though I'm not sure I could eat them unperverted. I'll eat almost anything if its covered in chocolate, or cheese. Especially cheese.

Robbie said...

I don't know if Milka have a nut bar, but their chocolate is generally favourable over any chocolate here in the UK.

If you can get anything over 2.1 nets per segment count yourself lucky.

I'm with you on cheese. Cheese is my favourite condiment.

Anna said...

It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only person who enjoys these little things :D As for how many per segment... two's company, three's a deformity. Surely.