Monday, 11 February 2008

A few steps forward and more wait

So me and the missus have taken another few steps forward to our big move ov er to Nerja.

A few days after securing our apartment for the next year, we have now started to get a joint Spanish bank account. The nice guys over at Halifax let us transfer money free from an English to a Spanish account. Which is helpful. I just hope the fee for converting in to euros is low now.
But the bigger and more important step is that we have booked our flights out to leave.
One way of course.

So as of April 9th at 0716 - I think - we'll no longer be in the country*

So I'm pretty excited. Not long left. I just keep trying to think up mini milestones to approach to make the length of time seem shorter, for example my birthday tomorrow, a trip back up North, the missus finishing work, the missus finishing school, one final trip up North...then that's it. Wooosh.

* this is of course depending on how long the pilot wants to take to fly the plane.


Blue soup said...

all exciting stuff!!!!!!! Weee

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the boy who likes to... said...

Soupster, tell me about :D

Pinkosa Ditto!!!!