Thursday, 7 February 2008

Good news is good news

As some of my previous readers might know I have a huge dislike of all celebrity magazines and gossip columns.
I hate the fact that these forms of tabloid and media will often go to great lengths to report the personal problems of many celebs. And the greater the problem/more fragile the celebrity = the greater the coverage.
My greatest hatred is that of the paparzzi who I think are shameless vile people who really should fall of the face of the Earth and die a horrible horrible death. And I am trying to be nice here.

A few other bloggers have gone over the same thing so I won't go in to too much detail here, but today I did read one thoughtful coulmn written by Popbitch.

For those that know, Popbitch is a UK based email newsletter. It is the only thing I read about Popular Culture. On many many occasions Popbitch have had celeb stories that weren't printed in gossip columns and magazines until much much later.
(Yes I agree there might be a slight of hyprocasy in my entry now, but popbitch does it's reporting in a totally different way ie its contributions, and it never keeps the paparazzi on their payrole.)

So it was with great pleasure that in the latest edition of Popbitch I read;

>> Back to bedlam <<
Laugh at the celebrity inmates

The Sun's Bizarre column had this breast-obsessed take on Amy Winehouse's rehab issues: “It's chest what we all wanted to see – Amy looking almost back to her best. She took a break from rehab... She returned there two-and-a- half hours later, flanked by police. Maybe they were investigating a robbery at a chicken fillet factory.”

Heat's website uses that heart-breaking photo of Britney crying in the street before being carted off to the psych ward to illustrate their “Britney News” section.

Kerry Katona, the wretched bipolar halfwit manipulated across the media by the Dark Lords of PR, is in a MTV reality show amusingly titled Crazy In Love, with promo adverts of her in a straitjacket.

Come on, surely there are enough sane self- important celebrities left to harangue?
Obvisouly the magazine sells it's publications based on what it's readers, us, want to read about. If we keep buying the latest copy with images of Britters being taken off in an ambulance then they will keep printing that.
But hopefully the editors and the people higher up in these magazines who keep their eye on Popbitch will take note of how low they are scooping to sell papers and will change their ways, even if it's slightly.


pink jellybaby said...

Also, it just starts to get a bit boring. Yes, we know they're in rehab etc etc....that's that. Now leave them to get better and report on something else!

Miss A said...

Hang on.

Stop right there.

You hate gossip magazines and the like?

But I thought you were British?

-the Brits aren't the only ones who can 'do' humour.... or maybe they are ;-)

the boy who likes to... said...

Pinkosa you right. How many times can magazines print the same stories? I dont write the same entries over and over again?

Miss a Dont even get me started on gossip magazines...I blame the American media, they've ruined it for everyone. Theyve turned it from gossip to intrusion.

Starlet aka Minutestar said...

the boy who likes to: great post. although i love and follow some celeb fashion, i don't enjoy celeb drama. the media truly is making a big mess over someone's personal life. and as messed up as britney is..i feel sorry for her!

the boy who likes to... said...

Thank you Starlet. I used to really enjoy reading about celeb-dom, but over the last few years some attitudes of the tabloids have just gotten horrible.