Wednesday, 13 February 2008

My birthday and more celeb news

So I had a really good birthday and got some really cool presents. A very generous gift from the missus parents and a new shock and water proof camera off the missus.
The new camera, an Olympus 725 SW, has some pretty cool features, for example it has 25 or so different shooting settings for example potrait (someones face), landscape (nice mountains), potrait and landscape (for photos of the face of mountians?), candle (for erm candles, possibly birthdays?) museum (which just basically mutes the camera).
It also can take photos under water. Which we have tried by sticking the the camera in a full sink and took some shots, but really I need to try this out in really underwater conditions ie a pool or the sea....only a few weeks.

I also have a trip back up North coming up at the weekend. Mainly to celebrate two birthdays. My own, plus my sister is having a baby today. So good luck to her, Paul, Megan and Megans new baby brother Dylan Jack.
But I'll be able to test out the camera fully at the weekend (except for the underwater tests) and hopefully at a Justice gig that's happening that my friend has told me about.

In other news, after my gratitude given towards popbitch in a previous entry, more good news has come for the World of gossip sites;

A statement on the Holy Moly site said there had been a "definite change in the perception of paparazzi pictures".
It will no longer publish photos of stars being chased or in "distress", while photos of celebrities with their children will also be banned.
However, photographs of celebrities at press launches and premieres and "idiots who go to places like The Ivy" will continue to be included on the site.

I know that I can't stop gossip magazines being published, but I think if the people who read them and agree with the above statement, should write/email in to their favourite gossip magazines to show how they feel about the situation, and perhaps if enough people write in to enough magazines then some action will be taken by the magazines and the paparazzi will stop their cruel hounding of celebs in difficult times.


Anonymous said...

I thought you would have posted the crazy picture!!

the boy who likes to... said...

I've not taken any photos off the camera yet. I might update later when I am home.

I see you are using the fancy OpenID there. Looks good.

pink jellybaby said...

I know! I just discovered it and thought i'd give it a go....doesn't bring up a nice picture though :(

Dom said...

Right... *gets up on soap box*

You do not need lots of jazzy 'modes' on your camera. You need 4. Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Program and Manual. Using those 4 modes you can tell the camera what you want it to do rather than hinting at it. Lots of jazzy modes does not a good camera make (pro cameras actually only have those 4 modes) and in fact make it harder to take the photo you want.

There is more, but I shall spare you.

*gets down off soap box*

the boy who likes to... said...

Pinkosa still better to link direct to your blog then through blogger profile.

Dom, it has some other proper settings. It definitely has ISO (which I am happy to have control over) but I think thats it?
But the good thing about the other settings is that theyre for casual users of cameras, like me. We can simple apply the setting that relates to what we are shooting and the camera works out how we will get the best picture. Easy pesie lemon squeasie.
If I was in to photography alot more and knew that Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority meant, then I wouldnt care about the "underwater wide shot" setting.

Anonymous said...

yeah Dom....can a pro camera go snorkelling with you?!

ner ner

J-Money said...

A Justice gig? I'm insanely jealous. ..please use the new camera for that one.

the boy who likes to... said...

J-Money, its all resting on other people/babysitters/etc... But finges crossed.

Anonymous said...

you're right - the only way to stop the gossip mags is to hit them where it hurts - in readers.

Less readers means less advertisers, which means less money, and the mag's will def. change for that.

Dom said...

Yes, you can buy a housing for my camera that allows you to use it underwater. Of course, if you get a hair in a joint it also allows for that sickening feeling you get when you realised that a £2500 piece of plastic is not aquately protecting £2500 worth of camera and £1000 worth of lens from sea water :) If I'm doing underwater stuff I just buy a £9.99 disposable film one to avoid the above problems :D

pink jellybaby said...

you obviously have money to burn Dom

the boy who likes to... said...

Dom haha, I like your answer to underwater photos.
All I have to do now is find somethign worth taking a photograph of underwater that isnt sand or pebbles.

Dom said...

I've never suffered the horror of having a housing leak (I know people who have though). There is no way on this planet I'd take my camera underwater, way too valuable. My camera is a nice big one (and I do have money to burn-ish) but I do actually take photography quite seriously. You can see some of my efforts over at