Monday, 17 March 2008

Day Dream Believer

I keep having dreams about moving to Spain. Nothing major, just ones really about arriving in Spain and our first days living there.

In one, once we had arrived in Nerja, rather then doing things that we have planned to do on our first day, which is to buy towels, bedding, food, we instead went out to the beach and sunbathed and didnt have any towels, bedding, food. Nothing else happened.

In another we arrived and had to choose which apartment to live in. We already have our apartment, but in the dream we were also offered a house boat instead - this may have something to do with watching Psych earlier on that night. We didn't choose the houseboat, mainly because it kept swaying far too much depending which side of the boat we stood.

I've had about 5 dreams. 3 over this weekend. Nothing really happens in them, just day to day stuff. They're getting pretty annoying really. I just want to move. We've been planning this move for a few months now and it's so close. But time seems to have.



Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

That must be so annoying, especially as it's something you're looking forward to then every morning you wake up and realise you're still in rainy, cloudy London.

At least everything's going ok in the dreams's the worst when dreams give you the worst situation they can.

Robbie said...

Jo last week I'd of agreed with you, but Nerjas weather at the moment isn't looking good. It's about the same as here, cloudy and chilly.
Last week though it was in the 20's. A man could do some serious drinking out by the beach in those conditions.

But we have all these things planned to do on our first day, but thanks to Chelsea getting through to the next round in the Champions League I'll be trying to find a sports bar with the live game :D. (I doubt I'll search hard for the football once I've had a swim about in the sea and eating palella.)

But youre right, its better then having dreasm about when things go bad.

surviving myself said...

I hate when I have dreams that are boring, every day stuff.

I want to be batman in them dammit!

Betty the Sheep said...

It sounds like you are just really restless because the move is so close. Fingers crossed that the weather there picks up soon!

Robbie said...

Surviving, I dont think I've ever been Batman in a dream. That'd be pretty cool.

Betty, I think thats it. Its been so long in planning, its so close now. And I'm sure the weather will pick up. The forecast for middle of next week is saying a high of 26! I dont know how accurate this website is but thats a hot day.

Miss A said...

YOu know what first came into my head when I read this post? A scene from an Aussie drama series where the chick starts telling her flatmate about her dreams, after realising he's not listening she asks him what his problem is. His response?

- "I don't give a fuck about your dreams"

But it seems lots of people here do - so you should feel lucky I guess! xx

Robbie said...

They sure are nice folk here.