Monday, 31 March 2008

I can't believe it's spreadable.

On a recent Big Shop we picked up a different butter to normal, due to our prefered bread spread not having a smaller tub size.
But not all went too plan.

This other brand boasts that it's Spreadable, which is always a selling point in my eyes. If a butter/margarine can spread on bread within seconds of being taken out of the fridge, WITHOUT leaving holes then thats just perfect. (Something our favoured brand does, without boasting)

This butter , despite having Spreadable on its lid and sides, just tore up my bread when taken out of the fridge due to it being too hard.

No problem we can just leave it on the side.
This though, I feel, makes the Spreadable wording on lid and sides pretty pointless as all butter is Spreadable at room temperature, thats a Fact.
So what they are advertising here is basically the natural properties of putter. If they were in the bottled water business would they stick 'Wet' on the sides of their bottles?

But this specially Spreadable butter turns in to some sort of thick soup when left a room temperature.
A soupy butter

Soup butter is far too runny. It acts like an oil on the bread, rather being one with the bread. It falls off the knife causing a mess. It doesn't have the same 'mouth-feel.'
It's. Just. Not. Butter.

Now I have to think about sandwiches 15 minutes earlier to give myself enough preperation. And it doesn't help that the clocks went forward and hour, now I can't tell if I would like a tasty sandwich or if I had just had one?

What the frek where the butter guys thinking when they decided to make a Spreadable butter that was too hard when in the fridge and too runny when at room temperature? Those fools!

PS Please no one comment on the differences between butter and margarine. I've taken some artistic lisence.


Anonymous said...

i much prefer this one to our usual one...just taste wise (butter is way better than marg)
but it is VERY annoying and very much not spreadable!

Dom said...

What you need is the Butter Wizard which. Essential for any butter geek if you ask me.

Robbie said...

Pinkosa, I prefer the regular one. Although a whole overhall of our butter/margarine buying will be needed.

Dom, I'm not even going to ask how you know about such a stupid item, *runs off and grabs phone and credit card*

Robbie said...

Dom, my favourite part of that site is in the FAQS (yes I really have been reading up on the Butter Wizard)
"Temperature controlled
Simply adjust the temperature to suit your butter "
Thats just thinking of EVERYTHING.

Dom said...

I know about such an item as I own one :D They stock them in Lakeland and being a massive lover of Kitchen gadgets and gizmos I spend much time in that shop just browsing. When I saw the Butter Wizard I just had to own one.

Anna said...

Ok, so it may not be a GOOD product, but it was advertised by Weebl and Bob cows. If it's good enough for Weebl and Bob cows, it's good enough for me.

Robbie said...

Dom, well I can see why, it has that attraction about it. Me and the missus both agree the cow print is the best.

anna, they did. I forgot about that.

Anonymous said...

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