Saturday, 1 March 2008

Some more random photos

After wiping out my phones memory card I copied over all the photos and here are some that were lying around.

Featured photos
This was the sunset a few days ago at home. The mist gave the sun a very strange look.
Above the Thames
My birthday treat from last year.
Feet on Brighton
Something I am looking forward to doing a lot in a few weeks. But on actual sandy beaches.

Enjoy the show.


pink jellybaby said...

The Higeldy Pickeldy Vienna houses made me smile!

Betty the Sheep said...

Lovely photos!

Miss A said...

Ahhh London! ANd the pebbly beaches? - enough to make any true-blue Aussie giggle ;-))

J-Money said...

I love the John Cleese graffiti/stencil!!