Wednesday, 26 March 2008

¿qué tiempo hace hoy?

Or What is the weather like doing* today?
*It's important to treat the weather like a person, it "does" stuff, it does not "like stuff, ie walks on the beach, late nights out with friends."

It's getting close to the Big Move.

If we were able to fast forward two weeks, right now me and the missus would be either doing what we should and food shopping or we would be sitting on the beach.
In 'real air travel' time we would just be cruising over France and sat in front of a screaming kicking kid.

It's so close to the move I can almost taste the weather. Actually I can't, but one website does show the weather two weeks from now so I can at least see it. Theyre both senses and thats a connection enough for me.

I never trust weather forescasts. Even ones from the BBC for today, they still get them wrong now and then.

The 3 day forecast I take with a pinch of salt.
Seven day forecast is more like a hopefully guess.
So a 15 day forecast is about as accurate as playing pin the tail on a donkey. With a live donkey. And your hands tied behind your back. On a raft out at sea during a hurricane.

This website though does have a 15 day forecast for Nerja. It's the only 15 day forecast I have found. Their day/week forecast is similar to this other (Spanish) one I look at, so they must have some good scientifical machines and lab coated persons.

The weather forecast for the 9 April is showing as 21C and thunderstorms, which won't please the missus, or any other haters of flying, in the slightest.

Had we moved a week earlier we would be enjoying average temperatures of 27C for the next 7 days.
Perhaps we should consider moving things forward a bit?

At least for the next 13 days I can keep an eye on the weather and prepare my airport outfit.

(Yes you might be able to tell I am a tad excited, I haven't a clue what I'll be like next week. I'll either be making a constant "eeeeee" noise that dogs a few miles away can hear, or I'll be constantly doing my best impression of Meg Ryan in New York City café)


commis chef said...

Hooray for sunshine and beaches! Go aliens!

Wow, less than 2 weeks - all packed?

What I want to know is how long it will be before you get reconnected to this here interweb thing. I simply can't wait to hear all about everything that you'll be doing!

Robbie said...

Commis, Go Aliens (Sounds like an American high schoo football team chant)
Not all packed, one third has been sent to parents so they can bring it over. The other two thirds I am wearing (not all at once though)
As for internet/telephone, who knows? Are very kind estate agent lady is sorting out that matter as we speak. So fingers crossed a few days before reconnection - at most.

surviving myself said...

meteorologists are a fucking joke, they never know what the hell is going on.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Do me a favour, right. When you move...limit your "LAH LAH LAH IT'S HOT AND SUNNY HERE NOT LIKE ENGLAND BAHAHAHHAHAHHA" posts to like, once a month or something? Please? :D

Robbie said...

Surviving, yeah they certainly need a clue.

Mouthless, Cross my heart and hope to die.

Anonymous said...

i very much like your explaination of how you describe the weather in Spanish!

Anonymous said...

"As for internet/telephone, who knows? Are very kind estate agent lady is sorting out that matter as we speak. So fingers crossed a few days before reconnection - at most."

Hahahahahaha. Good one. Took me 10 months to get a phone line in the centre of town. Get ready to work out of an internet cafe...

Robbie said...

Cheers anonymous. We havent heard back from the estate agents, hopefully we will hear something within the next 10 months though. If no we will just drag our laptops around the free wifi points, so not all bad :D