Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Watching the tide

Or "A million and one ways to count to 21."

Following on from yesterdays posts about getting tired of waiting for The Big Move, I've been finding "lap markers" to use to make the time between now and the move seem closer.

The major ones are the weekends running up to Big Move;

  1. Visit my family in Runcorn and say goodbye
  2. Have a leaving drinks thing with friends in London
  3. Move the fish from tank to a friends pond and also buy some proper sandals and shorts
  4. Have a get together with the missus family
+2 days leave for Spain

So really its only three pretty packed weekends. I'll have more info on Runcorn later, once I've renamed and uploaded all the photos.
But still that seems too far. At least for me. I'm that impatient.

So I've thought up other different combinations of counting down the remainder of the three weeks.
First one to think up is just three more weeks to work. Thats it.
But also I have a 4 day week this week, four day next week and then a whole week, so even less actual days in work.
Also on my way to work I keep counting down my Oyster card amount. I have about a months traveling to work amount of credit on my card, so each day I get the bus I can see the number dropping down each day by £1.80
Only three more weekends.
Five Chelsea games. Although this seems quite a high number at first, they play twice a week for the next few weeks.
Three more rubbish collection days and just one more recycling collection day.
Just two more Big Shops for food in the house.
Another version of this is the rest of this week its just "two of [whatever day]", ie "two more Wednesdays." We leave on a Wednesday so I have three more Tuesdays to go.
My favourite count down stat though has to go to the amount of Mondays I have to work.


Just one more Monday to work, thanks to Easter of course. But its good to know that I have just one more Monday morning to come in to work.

Also I've been jumping a head with some stuff, like packing. I've done a test pack to check on weight and if it will all fit.

Mine and the missus parents have said we can send over some clothes with them when they come for a visit a few weeks after we arrive. So I've had to prepare a bag of clothes to send to Runcorn this weekend when I have friends staying over. It's been tricky to to pack clothes that you want to take, but can do without for the next few weeks, but will need for the first few weeks when in Spain. Example, sending all shorts to Runcorn now will mean no shorts for a few weeks when there. So if I expect to wear shorts, sending all my jeans/trousers up now will mean I only have shorts to wear for the next few weeks, and the UK doesn't have short weather at the moment.
I think I was able to make the right sacrifices, it just means that for the next few weeks I'll have a total of about 5 outfits.

In other packing news, I was able to get rid of about a quarter of my clothes to send to the charity shop.
Clothes to lose
These were mainly jumpers and some shorts and trousers which worringly no longer fit me. I blame the few crates of beer that were bought for me and drunk over the Christmas period.

I was also able to tidy up my sock drawer. If I'm wearing sandals alot, or having my feet in the pool/sea, then there is no need for odd and holey socks.
A few odd socks
I have to admit though I was expecting a far higher number of odd socks. I don't know whats happened here? I could of sworn I complained far too many times about odd socks for there to be just FOUR!

In other Spain news, I have found an actual good use for Facebook. Rather then using it to keep up with old friends receive hundreds of requests for Gifts, Pets, Vampires, Scrabble, Bites and Hugs, I've just started using it to find groups/clubs/people in Nerja. And I'm surprised to find quite a few. Infact the few groups there are have quite alot of members, but how many of them live in Nerja full time I don't know? But at least it's a start at trying to find young adults in Nerja to make friends with, especially as this was one of the main problems I thought we would encounter when moving.

I just hope all that abdoning and slagging of Facebook has been forgiven and any new added 'friends' dont try to Zombie/Vampire/Bite/Hug/Best Friend/Throw Food At me.


Anonymous said...

you are unbelievably excited!
you're so cute xxx

Dom said...

Dom has sent you a comment. To view this comment you need to install the comment viewer app and give it rights to look at all your personal data so it can then be sold on.

Olly said...

Really, honestly only 4 odd socks?! Are you sure you didn't just group similar colours to make "new" pairs. I always do that. Why do laundries steal socks. It's a mystery. Another mystery (at least to me), is why does the drier always turn my boxer shorts inside out? Wierd

Dom said...

Since I've been living on my own I've had no odd socks, so 4 odd socks is not unbeleivable. This could be because I'm doing my own washing now so there is no one else to steal/eat my socks :)

Robbie said...

Pinkosa, shucks
Dom, thats quite amusing. And I never thought that Pinkosa could be eating my socks. I'll be having words tonight.
Olly, yeah four. I did have that idea, but I went through all my pairs to check I had the right socks paired up and checked all the logos on the socks. All is how it should be.