Monday, 3 March 2008

Another slow day at work

Well its was another slow day at work. The newly updated software had a few flaws. Some of those being major applications in our work. So I spent all day doing nothing.
It got so slow infact that Sleeping Guy had another nap.

But this time I was prepared and snapped this.
Guy at work asleep
He is asleep, I promise.

Next I promise to get a photo of the polling Chip and Pin machines, as long as there are no slow old ladies taking FOREVER to bag their groceries and I have more then 1 item giving me time to take photo.
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

wow. that is really the funniest picture i've seen in a long time. thank you for a good laugh.

James said...

He looks like a right barrel of laughs.

On a complete tangent, I notice you have a Opera button in your sidebar. I've often wondered about Opera, but never tried it as everyone seems to rave about Firefox (which I do use).

Do you use Opera? If so, why?

Robbie said...

Ashley; glad to have brightened your day.

James; Yes he sure is.

I do use Opera. There is a whole bunch of technical stuff (that I don't understand) that makes Opera more stable and less likely to be hacked.
But the reasons I use it are it's faster, I have it on my phone, Wii and PC so I can share all my links and so on.
It's very innovative, like tabbed browsing has been in Opera for years (it now has previews of webpages when you hover over tabs). Some recent Opera stuff is mouse gestures (which makes things easier, but also annoying when I am using works computer and IE whcih dont support mouse gestures) also their newest function is speed dial. Which is basically your 9 favourite websites shown on a page, and you can easily access any of these sites by pressing ctrl+1~9. (Firefox might have something you can download to add this on to it, but this is built in to Opera).
But it's not just a web browser, it has IMAP/POP3 email client built in (so when at home I no longer visit to view email) it has Bittorrent built in to it, a chat client and USENET browser (if you use that) and RSS feeder.
Opera has all of these things built in to the browser without having to have add ons, and its more reliable and faster then other browsers.

Another reason I dont use Firefox is I hate the fanboyism that is attached to some Firefox users. Sometimes its like they think they seen the internet in a completely different way to IE users.

You should download Opera and try it out.
If your email provider allows IMAP then use this in the opera email client, you wont look back (if you dont know what imap is its like pop3 but much much better, or just look on wikipedia) Add a few RSS feeds to your newsreader, test out the mouse gestures for a few weeks, set up a few custom searches (I can give you more advice on these or just check out to see more about these).

If you dont like it you can always go back to Firefox, but it will only take you a few minutes to download and install. Its worth a try.

Anonymous said...

HA! How often does Sleeping Guy nod off then? There's something very sweet about that!

Anonymous said...


he looks like a walrus

James said...

Cheers for the Opera pointers. I'm going to give it a whirl and see how I like it.

Jo said...

Hahaha. I love that. I've got a picture of someone who fell asleep in the pub the other night, there's something so amusing about it.

Boy said...

I always vary between firefox and opera, depending on my mood. Rather bizarrely, I always go back to firefox just because it feels.. I dunno, more lightweight. I'm on FF3B3 atm, and it's much better than 2 for speed, security and usability. Annoyingly though, some of the add-ons still aren't compatible. Fortunately, speed dial and mouse gestures are :).

I have all my feeds in google reader and use Thunderbird for email. Not a massive fan of the email client in Opera. Maybe I should give it another spin...

Robbie said...

Jo, I got a photo of my step sister drunk and asleep on her birthdya in a pub. Worse thing about it was that we were in the bar with the worst reputation for being under age/chavy. That made it even more embarrasing.

Boy. It is quite funny that you should feel FF is the lightweight seeing as it runs slower and takes up more RAM.
I only use google reader now if I am at work. If work had Opera then I'd scrap google reader altogether.
But thats the best thing about Opera, all the add ons that you stick on FF, which make your PC run slower and more vunerable, are already built in to Opera from the start. Far more convienent.

Anonymous said...

Yes! This made my morning!

jiminycricket said...

Holy shit- It's Milton from office Space!

It looks like the wind from the fan is keeping him upright.
That's awaesome Robbie... Cracks me up.

commis chef said...

I bet you can't wait to get out of there!

Miss A said...

AH HA! Such great evidence.

I hope this doesn't get him fired...