Monday, 22 June 2009

Dentistry, a cavity in my wallet

So I was at the dentist today and what is it about dentists that make them look for unnecessary work?

Today I went in for some simple work to be done. It wasn’t a check up and it was my first appointment but it was pretty much straight forward.

I know that dentist want to be careful when treating teeth but the dentist took THREE xrays, none of which dealt with my treatment, just as a precaution and found ZERO problems with those xrays.

Then at the end, without asking me he went and started some polishing.

The cost of that polish and three xrays was more then the cost of the treatment that I went in for.

What made it worse was that the polish was the most uncomfortable treatment I have ever had done and I’ve had a few teeth out.

Also what’s the deal with them and trying to force as many different instruments in to one persons mouth? Is this some sort of “dentist game” where they can score points.
I’m sure at one point today I had a few fingers, a sucky thing, scraper, mirror, a few other noisy things and who knows what else? I always keep my eyes closed at dentists. The less I know about the instruments the more comfortable I feel.

I’m guessing on today’s appointment he must of scored about 12 points with what he had shoved in my gob.

Well at least it’s only 6 more months until I get to go through it all again.


miss*H said...

Dentists are pure evil. They are spawned from the devil...thats why they all seem to be called Damien

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

My sister went the other week with toothache...ended up being told she needed nearly £8k of treatment.

She's covered on a dental plan through work...

...but happily, they're only going to cover about £500 of it. Insurance is a rip off.

Robbie said...

@Kitty Your right. Perhaps as some sort of torture program MI6 should send all spies to a dentist to have some work done.

@Jo Wow. Thats pretty steep. The thing is you can't really argue with dentists. You just have to take their word on what is wrong.
My previous visit to the dentist about a month or two ago I had to go get an old filling seen too. The dentist quoted me a treatment costing over 1000€ or just to have the tooth out at 60€. I took the second option.

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