Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Opera Unite

For days I've been trying to figure out what Opera.com/Freedom is?

Opera claimed it was reinventing the web. But left no other clues.

Today it announced Opera Unite. A Opera browser with built in file sharing. 

Sounds pretty simple but when you start using it and sharing you realise what potential this has.

With Opera Unite I can share folders from my computer, host my own chat rooms (does anyone use chatrooms anymore?) and anything else developers can think of.

My favourite thing about Opera Unite is that people I wish to share folders with DO NOT need to have Opera themselves.

For example, you can use Firefox/IE and still view files on my laptop RIGHT NOW.

So if you want to see pictures in my laptops Photo folder, go here 

If you want to not only see but also listen to what music is my my music folder go here (I should mention that the Media Player service I am using here only reads mp3. Most of my music is in aac/mp4 so you might not see much.) 

You can also leave me a note or see if I am in my chat room and say hi. 

And all this takes place on my laptop. So as long as the laptop is on you can see this. (I've set my sharing to public but of course you can keep it private -only you/your username can access, i.e from a different computer or you can have it password protecte)

And this is only the beginning. Once the developers get hold of this who knows what over services will come?

The best part is when you share.
Amongst all the other fantastic reasons to download Opera, fast, reliable, feature packed, resourceful, always innovative now there is one more reason. Being able to instantly share and connect with friends and family around the World straight from your laptop. For free. No charges for hosting a server or downloading a browser.

I don't give it enough love to Opera here as I would like and it deserves to be recognised more around the World.

I think everyone should go try Opera Unite. See how simple it is to use and to share content and connect with anyone, plus simply how much better it is then other browsers. You won't look back.

(Opera Unite is a free internet browser available on Windows, Mac and Linux)


miss*H said...

would that not mean though that if yo leave your laptop settings as public people could see everything on there (or am i being extremely dense)?

Robbie said...

You are half correct.
If I chose to have my file sharing folder simply as "C:/" then anyone could see and download everything from my laptop (although they cant put anything on there or delete anything)
But I just chose to show my (vista default) Pictures/Music folders for Photo sharing/Media player services as thats where I keep everything.

Blue soup said...

Wow, that is awesome!

Shelby Stidham said...

Rob, I'll try it.. but I'm holding you to your recommendation in case anything goes awry :)

How've you been?

Robbie said...

@bluesoup It is pretty cool. Still only early days so quite looking forward to see what developers can do to make things better.

@shelby Hey, I'm good. Just killing time, waiting for the sea to warm up so I can go for swims.
Let me know what you think of Opera. You'll need to get an account, once you have come find me my.opera.com/moirob

Shelby Stidham said...

All in favor of an update say I!