Friday, 5 June 2009

San Isidro 09

Last month I went to my second San Isidro festival. Incidentally this was the first festival I went to last year when I first moved out to Spain.

San Isidro means quite a few things to old locals, to me and many yoofs it means a piss up, parade, party and the start of the summer.

Here’s some photos from this year.

As always there were many animals


Of all shapes


And sizes


Plenty of well dressed people


Of all sizes


Some people cheated and got the Party Truck to the main fiesta area


While others danced



It was very thirsty work


Although for some it was much harder to not sit and watch but instead join in with the parade. Good work A.

Where’s yer horse?

As always the whole slideshow. [Source My Flickr]



miss*H said...

that looks fun! is it the spanish equivilant of a carnival?

Robbie said...

@Kitty No it's not. The Spanish have their own equivalent of a carnival (on the same date as the big one in Rio de Janeiro)
Almost all festivals they have here and they have at least one month has a parade with people dressed up.
The next fiesta is my favourite. No parade but it's a big party on the beach.

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