Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pre-Noche de San Juan 2009

Another day, another fiesta

Today is Noche de San Juan.

For those that were reading last year, you can skip much of this but you shouldn’t as you their might be a quiz afterwards.

The bases of this fiesta is it is the shortest night of the year. [source]
I don’t see how the longest day of the year was celebrated two days ago and the shortest night is celebrated today. I thought the two would come hand in hand? And originally thought that it was to do with John Baptist’s birth but that only applies to Venezuela apparently?

Tradition suggests that people have to jump over a fire three times and jump in the sea to cleanse my body.
Which is fun.

Tradition also suggests that you celebrate the night with friends, getting drunk and having BBQ’s, bonfires and parties on the beach until the sun comes up, which isn’t long seeing as it is the shortest night.

And it’s because of these many traditions that Noche de San Juan is by far my favourite fiesta in the whole of the year.

Last year me and the missus, having not been here long and knowing no one had a semi-ok night.

This year we actually know people and I am much looking forward to this years noche a lot more.
Although I doubt I’ll take a tent down this year. But at least my house/fridge stocked with beer is only a few minutes away so I will always have some cold beers near by.

Should be good.

PS it’s good to see some people getting an early start. Personally I’ve got a bit of work to do, perhaps take a quick siesta and have something to eat before I start.

The early bird catches the good spot. 

Happy noche de San Juan.


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Happy noshing.

miss*H said...

jealous much. Have fun!!

Robbie said...

@Jo What does "noshing" mean? Is that some cool hip MTV word? Word!

@Kitty 4 hours to go. If it makes you feel worse I have to finish my work before I can go play out so no early start. Beach is filling up nicely though. Not sure what tourist/party goer ratio is though.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it! However, I think San Isidro is the best of the bunch.

Burriana will be mainly full of us Guiris. The Spanish prefer the Playazo end.

I'll have a few beers tonight. Why do I always have Golf the day after a big fiesta? Beats work I suppose!

Shelby Stidham said...

So how was it?

Anonymous said...

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