Monday, 22 June 2009

One of those plinky questions: Dreams

What's the last dream you remember having? What do you think it means?


I can’t actually remember my last dream.

I remember when I was a little kid I asked my mum what she dreams about? She said mainly the Bible and nothing much.

I thought that was a bit weird.
1st) she isn’t at all religious.
2nd) Adults are boring. Not having dreams. What rubbish.

But now I find myself dreaming less and less.
I hear a lot that dreams are supposed to be ways of your brain strengthening memories. I wonder if this means that I am getting more and more forgetful?

So seeing as I am a boring adult that has no decent dreams I’ll talk about one of my worst nightmares.

That scene in Dumbo when it gets drunk and starts hallucinating. Well that whole dream-esque scene pretty much freaked me out as a kid and I’ve never watched that movie again.

But it appears I have selective fears as I am not scared of elephants or alcohol. Just animated pink elephants.

But seeing as I completely side stepped the question, if you want to leave a dream in the comments section I’ll give it the once over “Robbie dream interpretation” interpretation.


Shelby Stidham said...

I've never seen Dumbo but a big, hallucinating drunk clown sounds terrible. I can see where nightmares might spark from that.

Dreaming about something that weird is normal when you're a kid, I think. But then again, what do I know?

I dream nearly every night. A lot of weird, different dreams. When I was a child I would have the same dream over and over. I was small in a huge dollhouse and there were over-sized mice drinking tea inside the house and I couldn't get out.

Weird, huh?

Adults are boring when you're a child--I laughed when I read it cause it's so true.

Dream post.. good idea.

miss*H said...

I think as we get older the less we remember our dreams as we sleep better and so are less likely to wake during the rem stage, which is when we remember them.

My dreams are always freakly and far too weird to evenattempt to desribe however the easier ones are usually about my teeth falling out...apparently it means that change it around the corner?!

Robbie said...

@Shelby Dumbo is the elephant. It's a bunch of drunken elephants. Follow the youtube link in my post. It's pretty scary stuff.
Your dream obviously means you are against animal testing and terrible when it comes to losing your keys?
You should try It's a website that lists a "topic of the day" to blog about You might enjoy it.

@Kitty Does that mean that logs are terrible at remembering dreams? Seeing as that all other good nights sleeps are based on them?
Perhaps your dream is a precognition about my future blog post (well it's not the future now its the past as I've posted it but you didn't know that when you wrote get the idea)

miss*H said...

oh logs can't remember dreams. Their memory is worse than a goldfish so as soon as logs wake up from their log like sleep their dreams have vanished :)