Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Happy April Fools

Happy April Fools day people. This is always one of my favourite days as I like taking part in, reading about, seeing practical jokes.

Unfortunately I haven't got the chance to carry out any practical jokes as the missus was far too asleep this morning to realise I would even be speaking to her.

But really it doesn't get any better then this

The Cottingley Fairies.

I salute you Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, great work. Genius stuff from some creative kids.

Obviously some modern day ones are taken far too seriously, like this one from The Sun saying Fabio Capello can't be bothered learning English so has told the England squad to learn Italian.
Some of the 'Reader Comments' are pretty idiotic. Football fans at times can be a proper stupid bunch.
One fan Man United fan said "The clue is in the job title, "England Manager", if you cant lean it, take a hike!"

What has been your favourite practical joke, either in popular culture or something more personal to you?
Have you done any pranks this morning?

PS, I'd just like to add, my favourite piece of news today, in a non-joke way, is the reports of the man who lost his house over the weekend when the plane crashed in to it. With the greatest respect to the pilot and crews families, I couldn't help but smile at news that the man of the house won't be returning home just yet as he is finishing off his golfing holiday and his wife has good taste so she can do the decorating.


pink jellybaby said...

eek, sorry i was so fast asleep!

Robbie said...

Boooo, you should be supporting me and getting up when I get up.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I like April Fools day too. But it always makes me a bit paranoid...I never know what to believe in the morning. I read the papers this morning with a 'yeah right' for every story.

Sun readers are per-retttttty dumb though.

I also have a question. I got a Wii the other week, can you recommend any games? I saw you did a post on them the other day - I need a good, staple Wii game as at the moment we only have Sports and I'm fed up of thrashing my dad at tennis.

Robbie said...

I always enjoy the BBCs pranks. They do put alot of effort in to theirs. The Flying Penguins is great.
It depends what kind of games you are in to. Ones for the family Mario and Sonic is good. I play that quite a bit when I go back up North and see my mum. All the family play it, including Megan and shes 5. It's all pretty simple stuff.
If you want something a little more puzzling then I highly recommend Zack and Wiki. It's one of the most fun and original titles in a long time. It's a point and click game, ie searcha room for a key, use key on door, open door kind of thing, but with some creativity in it. It's a single player game too, but me and the missus play it together, she'll have a go at completeing a level and if she can't figure it out I'll have a go and bounce ideas off each other.
My favourite game on the Wii so far is Mario Galaxy. If you liked the previous Mario platforming games then you'll enjoy this. It can get a bit hard at times but it's possibly the most fun I;ve had with a console game in a long time. It plays and feels like how all enjoyable games should be.
Also have you got wifi in your house? If you have you can connect your Wii online, the wii has built in wifi. You can swap messages, play games and even send Miis ofyourself to friends and recieve theirs. If you do connect your wii online let me know and we can swap Wii Friend Codes.
Plus there are loads of things you can download to your wii when online, some are free, others like games you have to pay a small price for.
If you have any other questions then just ask, I'll be happy to advise on any game purchase or setting up of your Wii.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Awesome thanks very much. Will have a play around later. Am going shopping tonight so will attempt to pick up Zack & Wiki & Mario Galaxy they sound good.

We've got wireless internet so we should be able to get online, we've sussed how to get photos onto it. I just need to sit and play about for a bit! Love it so far though! Especially watching my parents and their friends trying to play...so amusing.

Robbie said...

Emptymouth, also another good game for everyone is Mario Kart. That comes out on the 11 April (you may of seen it advertised)
It's not like your normal recing game, all the tracks are wide so new gamers can play. Also the way Mario Kart games work anyone at all can win those games so it's always fun. (Unfortunately I'll be in Spain and I'm already thinking of 101 ways of trying to get that game from day 1)
I'll try and email you about online/Friend Codes - thats if I can access gmail from work, its a bit hit and miss with that site.