Monday, 22 September 2008

Back to school

Tomorrow I go back to school. I'm a little nervous about it all but it is FREE Spanish language lessons so I thought it could really help me out.

Or at least I think I've joined a Spanish course.

They are one hour weekly--or bi-weekly--courses and when I went to sign up last week no one at the school spoke English. So in my very broken Spanish I was able to sign up to some course. Although I cannot confirm 100% that the course is for Spanish lessons. Although my first one is tomorrow so I will find out pretty soon.

I've not been to the stationery shop for pens and notebooks and I've not got my school uniform-although it would be good for me not to be wearing too many different fancy dress outfits in such a short time.

But it will be good for me to get back in to my Spanish lessons by taking actual Spanish classes and using the Spanish I have learnt-mostly I just learn phrases and never use them-plus it will get me out of the house which is nice.

Anyway I am a little nervous, I hope everyone likes me and that no one tries to take me lunch money.

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