Saturday, 6 September 2008

Lizard Spot: Home Edition

Here is a little update on Lizard Spot;

The lizard's have been pretty scaredy cats in the last few weeks.

The last Big-Proper lizard that I got close to was this one that was right outside our kitchen window
"What's cookin'"?

This has gotten me a little worried as we leave all windows open ALL the time. Even if we aren't in--as you can see there are metal security bars on the windows so we don't worry about being broken in to.
Now everytime I head in to the kitchen I always check around the top of the walls and ceiling to make sure there aren't any lizards that have set up home in out kitchen.
Up to now the coast has been clear.

Although a lot of the lizard's I have spotted other the last few weeks have all been baby ones.
Unfortunately it's hard to tell the size when they are on blank backgrounds.


Graffiti lizard

Looks like this guy has had a lucky escape


Can you spot him? (Here he is for those that can't)


I spotted this lizard while waiting for my calzone, the missus mentioned he had a wide head for a lizard. Maybe he is eating one too many calzones or pizzas.

Lizard Spot Count:32

And finally now that Spore is working properly I can get on the hunt for a Spore Lizard that I've created.

My Spore Profile

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