Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rain dance

Just a few days after commenting on how it hadn't rained for 4 months last night it rained. On us. Well not directly on me as I was tucked up in bed.

I had been woken up a few moments earlier by a loud clap of thunder. I was very sleepy but I knew this wasn't a dream.
I forced myself to not fall asleep--although something hadn't informed my eye's as I don't recall them being open during this--as I wanted to see if this would be a cool thunderstorm.
It wasn't.
Or I fell asleep through it.
But a few moments later, I can only assume it was a few minutes my bodyclock isn't digital, I heard rain. This woke me up. Proper. I was excited. I hadn't heard rain in a long time.
I turned over to the missus to see if she could hear what I could hear but she was already awake.
Had it not been in the middle of the night I'd of gone outside to feel the rain too but this time it was just my eyes that where awake and rest of me was asleep.
Just then another clap of thunder rolled out. But again no thunderstorm and I gently went back to sleep with the sound of heavy rain pitterpattering on the palm leaves just outside my window hypnotising me.

This morning when I woke up I opened the front blinds to find this;
Take about thirsty plants!

The local gardener was watering the plants.
But it rained last night. I heard it. I'm pretty sure it did. And the missus heard it. Is this a conspiracy? Was I just dreaming?

The thing is, it might actually be "Thirsty Plants." When these plants get watered the hose there is left on them for about 3 hours. It's only a small patch of dirt with a handful of plants on--well there is now since they had a make over.

It did rain. I'm sure it did. I didn't dream it! It had to have rained!

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