Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I wonder what the lizards do?

So last night we had a MAJOR thunderstorm. Just a few days after complaining whether or not it had rained in the night, last night/this morning it definitely had.

I was woken up quite a few times last night hearing thunder. After about the 3rd or 4th time over what felt like 30 or 40 minutes I decided to have a little look outside. I opened the blinds in the bedroom and although they face a hill the sky immediately lit up up bright electric blue constantly for about 30 seconds.
As I'm very excited about all things natural I couldn't resist and had to run in to the living room to get a better view from their.

Now the view from our window should be the beach. Unfortunately, like a bad experience of having a fecking tall man in a tall hat sit right in front of you at the cinema, we have a apartment block right in front of us. But there was still plenty of sky in view. So I dusted of the camera and recorded for a few minutes.

Now these thunderstorms, I learnt last night, aren't the kind of thunderstorms you get in the UK. You know the ones that last for 10 minutes or so. The thunderstorms here come from Africa and last for over an hour.
And it's not like you have one strike of thunder and then wait for 10 minutes, here it's like a giant faulty neon light down a dark alley. I think I might of actually saw more flashes of thunder last night then I have for my previous years.

This was taken about 5am. There is a little commentary. But here is what I caught in those few minutes.

For those that like to skip to the action, I recommend hitting the 3:50 mark and letting it go for about 30 seconds or so.

So after watching for about 40 minutes I headed back to bed. My eyes feeling so heavy and closing that it felt like my forehead was trying to make a fist.
Some thunder could still be heard in the distance that kept me smiling.

When I woke up this morning it was still raining.

But by time I was due to walk the missus to work it had stopped. Although there was proof. Look puddles! I haven't seen a puddle that's not been next to a pool for quite some time
Look puddles! I haven't seen a puddle that's not been next to a pool for quite some time

And I know you all know what rain clouds look like--you live in Britain--but some storm/rain clouds do look pretty when they've gone. Especially when there is clear sky behind them.
The view from outside our house.

Some menacing looking clouds above one of my favourite streets.

And this is what the back of a storm looks like in the morning.

While walking the missus to work it was still warm this morning. This evening at about 6ish the temperature at the pharmacy was reading 30c.
The weather here is taking some getting used to.

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