Monday, 8 September 2008

Hey there mister happy squid, you move so psychedelically

...You hypnotize with your magic dance all the animals in the sea
For sure*

The other day when snorkeling I spotted a few large goby's all hanging out together so I tried to get a photo but before I could in the corner of my eye I spotted this octopus....
"Check out my magic dance."

This is by far the bestest thing I have seen in the sea so far and probably will be very hard to beat.

Of course I couldn't just leave after one photo so I spent the next 15~20 minutes making this guy feel like a celeb.

You might be able to spot his Black Sea Urchin friend too.

There are a few things that I still would like to see in the sea. Anything with a shell, crab, lobster, etc and a sea horse.
But for now I'm made up with spotting my octopus.

My NEW Spain hobbies are so much more fun then my old English ones.

*Lyrics from Little Yellow Spider. [Video]

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