Monday, 29 September 2008

The referee's a ****** (but the linesman is OK)

I'm sore all over. I think it's been a few years since I kicked a football and a couple more since I played an actual game of football--about 15 years or so now. But I don't remember hurting like this after playing under-12 games. Although I think the last time my upper body hurt like this was probably when I first played Wii Sports.

It all started when I was watching the football on Saturday, the Liverpool derby for those interested, I support neither. While I was there one of the lads turned and asked me if I played much sport and I asked why and he told me that they have regular football games in a mini league for ex-pats.
It felt good being invited to go the games. One of the biggest things that's taken it's time since I moved to Spain is making friends. The main problem is that a majority of people who come here leave after two weeks vacation. So after being invited to watch the football I was now being invited to go the football too.
After that little monologue ran through my head in the the space of two-seconds my friend turns to me and says "Yeah, we need a linesman. You know the rules of football? Obviously!"
"Yeah" I replied, slightly taken back by this new twist.

So there it was settled. I was now part of the Sunday Nerja football league. In a slightly different role as I had imagined but at least this gets me out of the house at the weekend. And I make €10 per game. And I meet lots of new faces and it gives me a run around for 90's minutes, which will be the most amount of exercise--excluding Wii Fit--I've done in a long time. Plus it's just a good feling having something to do of a weekend, rather then staying in.
Oh and everyone goes the pub afterwards for drinks and free sandwiches/snacks.

I had my first game yesterday. I wore all black but it turns out one of the teams did too so I had to make a quick wardrobe change to a bright yellow vest. I was surprised at the pitch as well. They had some decent stands with seating for a hundred or so people, I think the local football team play here too so I might try and catch their games.
But overall I had quite a good time being a linesman

Then I seen some of the guys who I watch the football with and their team looked pretty short. Like 7 players short. While I was sat on the bench I was asked if I didn't mind playing just to give the people that did turn up a chance of a game. So of course I said yes.
I think we lost something like 8-2 in the end. I might of been at fault for 3 goals but in my defence at times it did feel like I was the only defender trying to stop the other teams whole attack. Plus our goalkeeper had this way of kicking the ball straight to one of their players after each attack which meant I hardly got chance to have a breather and rest during the game as I was continually defending through out the game.
And for someone whose main fitness technique this year has been from Wii Fit I was very unfit after running about the pitch for 90 minutes.

But today I can feel every kick of the ball, hit I took and every tumble and fall to the ground still. I ache all over.

But next time I might just try and keep my participation down to flagging for throw-ins and eating as many ham sandwiches as I can.

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