Tuesday, 23 September 2008

One trip too many

I have my family visiting next week. I'm looking forward to it, it's been a while since I've ate out in restaurants or had a few quiet drinks over tapas so it's good to have a reason.

I received an email off my sister asking if I could give her details on where they were staying so she could show my niece a map of how to get from their rental to my house.
After a few set backs with the details in the email I was able to finally locate where they were staying and got a map sorted out.

Now everything below HAS NOT been modified in any way. I haven't tried to change the direction of instructions given by Google, you know how you can "Add a destination" to Google directions.
I've just asked for the quickest directions from "Calle de Lucena, 29780, Nerja, Spain"--holiday rental--to "Calle de Canarjas"--my house. You can check it out for yourself.
Here is what comes up.

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Now the bit I am interested in is the bit just next to my house.
That's a strange direction.

Now this bit is the EXACT same bit that I jumped from 6 months ago on the second day we lived here. And we know what happened then! I bashed and bruised my foot and had major problems walking for weeks afterwards.

Now I'm not falling for this trick. I know that it's dangerous taking that route. And I think I'll be making sure to stop my niece from going that way too.

But my foot is good now.

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