Friday, 16 May 2008

Games I'm (and the missus) playing this week 3

I may of already mentioned this game a few times on my blog, but recently I've mostly been trying to kick ass and take names on Mario Kart Wii
Mario Kart Wii

I've been a massive fan off the Mario Kart series since I picked it up as a little nipper on the old SNES.
Since then there has been about half a dozen games in the series and I've played nearly all of them (with the exception of Double Dash. The whole twin character kart thing put me off)
Since I played my very first Mario Kart years ago there have been a few things I have missed from the series, like the missing feather item from the original game, also the coin factor from the original and GBA versions.
There are also annoying factors, apart from the noted above Double Dash game, the only thing I've hated about the games is the AI's way of making every shell hit you if your are first.
Oh and Blue Shells. I! Hate! These! Things! So! Much!

At times Mario Kart can be the most frustrating game ever created (take word from the missus who lets rip 5 consecutive parental guidance word expletives every 30 seconds or so playing the game. I'll have to video her playing the game one time for you all to hear.)

There have been some great things happen to the series though. For a start all the games have had great playability. And the Mission Levels in the DS version.
I was pleased to see that the Mission Levels are in the Wii version too. Only problem is rather then like the DS version where you had 80 or so to start off with, in the Wii version you have to download the Mission Levels when Nintendo released them, which is about one every two weeks. That's a lot of waiting around for new levels.
But the Silver Lining is I can post my top racing/mission times online and compete against friends and relatives around the World. And the missus of course who is now starting to tell me she is beating my Time Trial Scores.

Those, as Mario Kart fans will know, are fighting words.

Also one of the most fun elements of Mario Kart Wii is the Wii Wheel. Playing with the Wii Wheel lets you steer like a proper car. All those times I laughed at my parents years ago when they tried to "steer" the kart by moving their hands, I know find myself enjoying that.
Also to those 'Fanboys' that slated the Wii Wheel before h'actually playing the game and said they were too hardcore to use kiddy controls, you have no idea what you're missing. The Wii Wheel could be the most fun way of playing any Mario Kart game in the series.

If you have Mario Kart and would like to add me or the Missus to your Roster, here are our FCs
Mine 1719 3801 4792
The Missus 3351 4677 3312

My Wii FC is 4859 7530 9312 3844


GMan said...

I just got the Wii and Mario kart last week. I have also been a HUGE Mario Kart fan since the beginning. But unfortunately I never played the DS version and I don't know what these Mission Levels are. What are they and how can I get them?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I've just spent 2 and a half hours playing mario galaxy on my day off. Thanks for the recomendation. Addddicccttiiive or what.

Robbie said...

@gman In Mario Kart Wii they are better known as Competitions. If you have your Wii hooked up to the interweb and have a look at the Mario Kart Channel in the game you will see it there. The latest one is race through the rings as fast as you can.

@Mouth-a-rama Yeah Galaxy is a whole lot of fun. Its still my favourite game on the Wii. Glad you're enjoying it.
You need to add me to your Wii Friend List still. I can send you my Mii then.

surviving myself said...

man - I need to get a wii soooo bad!

Robbie said...

@Surviving You so have to. It's just so. Much. Fun.
Plus making Miis of yourself and friends and having them in your games (like in Mario Kart) is the aces.

Boy said...

I desperately need a wii, and will be getting one post haste (i.e. when I get some money in).

My neighbours have one, was round playing mario kart the otherday. Massive improvement over the turd that was double dash. Still not used to to steering with a wiimote, but it's still brilliant. I also love that they have every track in mariokart history. GENIUS.

Robbie said...

@boy You should get one. Soon. They're so much fun.
Couldn't comment on Double Dash, like I say it's the only one I never played.
But when you get hooked up we can race online. The online stuff is smoooooooth.

Anna said...

I'm REALLY not into gaming, as I have no hand/eye coordination, but Mario Kart is the only game I ever play! EVER! (except yesterday, when I played Monkey Ball)

My brother has it. But I have to play on the Game Cube because I'm really dangerous to myself and other people when I play on a Wii.

He had the Double Dash one. It's pretty cool. You just have to make sure that you don't have someone with a big head on the back of your car, because then you can't see A THING!!!

I always have baby Mario as the driver and the baby monkey (Diddykong? something like that) on the back. And the bullet car. It's not the most advantageous combination, but it's the cutest.

Robbie said...

@Anna Your brother has Mario Kart Wii? You should be playing that ALL. THE. TIME!
Have you played Mario Kart Wii with the steering wheel attachment? The missus was playing it the other day and whacked herself in the chest/throat with the wheel when trying to perform a stunt.
That was pretty funny.

Olly said...

Yeah, you missed out a little on Double Dash. The only one I havent played is the GBA one, but as I have a GBA now, I should really get around to picking it up.

You're definitely right about the annoyance factor though - especially the f**king blue shells. When you are leading until the final straight on Rainbow Road and then one of those hits you..Grrr...surprised I havent broken a Wiimote yet actually!

Robbie said...

@Olly Really? I feel a little bit bad now.
You should get the GBA version. It's not the best of the bunch but loks like the SNES version. Still fun though.
If I can get one lap without falling off Rainbow Road I'll be happy.
Also you still need to send me your Mario Kart FC. I need to have a look at your scores and download your Ghost Data

Anna said...

He doesn't have the steering wheel thing. And I don't really like Wiis anyway. I look really dumb trying to do it, and I can't really aim properly.
A few weeks ago I'd been drinking with some friends, and we decided it would be fun to play on the Wii. There should be a warning about playing with a high blood/alcohol content, because my friend hit me really hard with one of the weird controller thingies and I got a big bruise!

Petra said...

Good words.