Monday, 26 May 2008

I want it all over

Following on from my previous post about cooking pizza's, although this is more of a 'cooking in general' or 'Kitchen Rant.'

Why is it that some ovens, possible mostly electric, more work needs to be done in research, don't cook at the same temperature through the oven area.

Oven's really aren't that big. Not big enough to have huge differences in temperature. So why is it when I'm cooking anything over medium size, pizzas, aload of chips, lasagne, sasuages, everything, does the oven want to cook one side of the food much faster then the other.

What this means is that to get a good all round cooked tea is a rare feat in this house.
Alot of the times one side might be too uncooked or burnt. Obviously the way around this is to move the food around every few minutes...
...but I'm not a ratation device.

Although we don't have the instructions for the oven (which we could of done when the missus thought she had blew up he oven and stopped it work, when in fact she had just made the timer go off and hadn't reset it) I'm pretty sure it didn't say anything about a human rotisserie being needed!


Anonymous said...

we have a really posh oven in our house with two different doors etc and it does pizzas ok but oven chips are just a non starter as are roast tatties unless you shake then about every 3 minutes!!

Boy said...

I'm relatively luck in that the oven in my house has only a minor side bias, that can be fixed by 1 or 2 rotations per cooking period. But you're right, some proper research should go into this! Less of that flourescent big bollox, I want a well cooked pizza!

Dom said...

Fan ovens. It's the way forward and has been for years

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Hire a small, young, spanish local boy for 1 euro per meal to turn your food for you.

Robbie said...

@Sungirl I'm jealous. I'd love an oven that cooked a pizza without any supervision.

@Boy I think 1 or 2 is about average. Anything more and you have a serious oven issue there.

@Dom Dont even get me started on the taste of "fan assisted oven" food. It's awful.

@Mouth For one euro per meal, I'd probably apply for that job.

Dom said...

Food tastes different if it's cooked in a fan oven?! I thought it was the same as cooking it in oven, just the air was circulated so the heat is even - which is, after all, what you were after :P

Robbie said...

@Dom I don't know how it makes the food taste different, it just does somehow. It makes food 'harder.' For example with pizzas you dont get a decent flopping base, its hard, almost like its stale bread.
I always make sure to turn off fan assisting.