Monday, 5 May 2008

Lizard Spot 05.05

Well after a little absence lizard spot has jumped right up.

Lizard 7 was spotted while at work. It was crawling on the wall behind where some colleagues were eating.
I had to quickly describe to them my fascination with lizards and how I needed to take a photo. Next minute I'm trying to stick my hands down the back of the bench to photo this lizard.
Although I think this is a gecko not a lizard.
Lizard spot 7a
Photo 2

Lizard numero 8 was spotted just yesterday. On the way home from the beach with the missus parents. This one was tiny and took a while for me to point out to everyone. In fact I had to scare it a bit to make it move so people could spot it.
This one was so small that it made me wonder how I manage to be able to spot such small reptiles.
Can you spot it?
Lizard spot 8
Photo 2 might be easier?

Lizard number 9 was spotted today as we headed to work. I seen a little rustling about in the scrub beside the path. I grabbed hold of the missus and quickly said "don't move."
As she had no clue, she freaked out and shook thinking something vicious and scary was about to eat her, possibly a t-rex.
I explained it was a different kind of lizard and tried to get a photo of it, but it was to quick and ran away.
Sorry no photo. :(

Lizard Spot: 9

It's not just lizard's that I have spotted.
While heading the beach the other day the missus spotted this guy throwing himself off a wall (a bit similar to what I did a few weeks back)
Cricket spot c
Photo 2 Photo 3

Also while on the way home late one evening I spotted a big train of ants walking about. Now these were massive ants. Really big. About the length of a finger nail.
This one stood out the most to me, it was trying to carry the biggest sun flower seed I have ever seen.
I recommend you check out the larger photo.


Deutlich said...

I LOVE lizards, but I could totally do w/out all the other bugs.


Anonymous said...

Aw man! rather you than me!

Anonymous said...

i would just like to point out that you made it sound like there was a t-rex about to eat me, which is why i freaked out!

Robbie said...

@deutlich I haven't seen too many insects you'll be happy to know. Although there is a stag beetle that was nearby for a few days that I couldn't photograph.

@tenderhooligan Not a fan?

@pinkosa Yeah, there was a trex in the bush :\

surviving myself said...

that is one big ass ant. I think he was giving you the stink eye.

Robbie said...

@Surviving You might be right. I couldn't get a good photo (the photos were all too blurry) and by time I had sorted the settings out on my cameraphone the ant had given up on the sed and walked off. I was disappointed with this so kept moving the seed till he picked it up again. I think that might of annoyed him