Sunday, 4 May 2008

Back to reality

Well the parents have gone. I'm back at the house. Hear is what has been happening.

Last Friday mine and the missus parents landed in Spain to see how our new life is coming along.
We went to the villa they were staying at to surprise them. We were only suppose to stay the weekend, but were asked and offered lifts to work all week if we did stay. Of course how could we say no?
So the last week I have been away from Home.

In that time work has been very hectic and strange. Sunday night I had a phone call to say not to go in Monday. On Tuesday I found out that the company I work for were changing their franchise from one holiday club company to another. The rest of the week there have been some changes and some extra training starts on Monday. I've not really had chance to do any proper work yet so I haven't earned any money and have only been picking up very basic wage.
I'm kind of hoping things settle down this week so I can start earning money to play out.
Although once I get my N.I.E card this week I'll hand my CV in to a few bars for extra work.
I've also found out that I can't have any holidays at work but we get the whole of August off. Unpaid. So I need something to cover me for those weeks.
Plus I have just had a text saying to go in at 1230 tomorrow rather then 10. In a company were things are changing all the time I hope I'm not going in to be told "go home, you're not needed!"

Also my camera has broke. It just stopped working one day. Well half of it doesn't work. I can see photos that I have taken, but when I try to go in to shoot mode the screen goes black. Plus the lens cover wont close properly. We've sent it home with the parents to be sent to a repair shop and sent back when the next visitors come over. So my photos might not be as many for the next few weeks.

I've also picked up Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii this week so I'll be playing a lot of them. But more about them later.
For those with Mario Kart Wii my FC is 1719-3801-4792.
Also my Wii FC is 4859-7530-9312-3844

The weather is getting much better here. Far better then the first week we were here. It's nothing but sun. I know you don't want to hear that back in the UK, but there is a point to this. I hope the damn pool gets filled up soon.
I'm waiting to have a nice splash around, but the pool is still empty. And it's pretty hard to swim without water. As you may of guessed.
But the other point is that with the pool being empty, the pool area which has a lot of space for sunbathing and chilling out is closed. As we have no balcony there isn't many places for us to go at the moment if we want to sit outside, except the car park.
But I still haven't got that much of a tan. I'm taking my time with that.

Lizard Spot tally is going up. But more on that soon.

Also the missus has been shopping for the house. We have throws for the couches, new colourful plastic cups. A candle in the shape of a giant crab shell and the house furniture has been moved around and all looks much much better and homely.

The main portion of this week has been spending time with the parents. It was really great to see them and to show them that all is going well here (apart from my foot injury at the beginning). We ate out a lot and drank a lot of alcohol, so all this week I'm drinking nothing but water - except for tomorrow when the Chelsea Newcastle game is on - and learning how to use that big block thing in the kitchen that shoots our flames.
There were a one or two things that I didn't get to show my parents, like Tutti Frutti - the local night spot - but that can be done another time. It was nice just to see them and spend time with them.
The parents have already said that they will be revisiting soon. I hope my dad can make it out soon as there are plenty of mountains here for him to climb and not a lot of maps. Any maps that are out there aren't very detailed. A walk in the park without a map is a favourite method of my dad's hill walking.

Anyway it's getting late. I have about 160+ feeds to go through, so I'll try and catch up soon.


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Sounds hectic. let's hope that work pans out so you can start earning a bit more monaaaay.

In the meantime, at least you have the sun :)

Fiona McCann said...


I have found you again. There is was, just fiddling around with my blogs all over the net, and I decided to pay you a visit, and you had moved! :O Consequently, even though I have bajillions and jillions of blogs everywhere, Blogspot wanted me to lay claim to this simple little thing. It took me 45 minutes Rob. It was very traumatic. But I have accomplished this now and can actually leave you a comment. :) I have other Blogspots, but not in this names, and I didna want to confuse you. What made you choose Blogger? I started with Blogger in 2003. :)

Fiona McCann said... used to let you edit typos. :( I meant to say 'There I was...'

Fiona McCann said...

...and 'in this name.' My typing is shameful. :(

Robbie said...

@Mouthski It has been hectic. I'm just glad for a bit of rest now.

@Fiona Yeah I moved here mainly because wordpress was being a pain and was very restrictive with embedded javascript and stuff (ie not letting me use decent flickr slideshows, etc...) So I came here and throughly enjoy it.
You do know that you could just use OpenID to log on and comment.
PS where are you blogging now? I was thinking your livejournal was pretty quite.

commis chef said...

The job sounds well dodgy. I hope it settles down and you know where you stand soon. I hate that feeling when you're not really sure what's going on and if you can rely on it or not.

Not having a camera sucks! I'm finally on the lookout for a new one myself. (I get my first proper pay check this week!! wooooo hoooooo!)

Robbie said...

@Commis The job is dodgy. Things can be a little uncertain when thinks are slow. But I'm told when things pick up and all is well it's possible to earn a lot of commision. It's all about the benjamins)
The camera situation isn't all bad though. My Nokia N95 ha a great 5megapixel camera on it. Plus I can upload straight to flickr with it. And I always have my phone on me anyway.
But the proper camera does have a lot of advantages that I'll miss till it's back.
How did the first proper pay check feel?

commis chef said...

Fucking great. In the end I decided the washing machine could wait and I've ordered a new camera online.

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