Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lizard Spot Update

Lizard spot has been pretty quiet of late. That's not to say that I haven't spotted lizards though.

On my way home I spotted quite a large lizard (for a small lizard he was large). He got quite frightened by my clippy cloppy shoes. He probably seen my massive winklepickers and thought
"This isn't how I role. See ya!"
Or something Spanish like. He was too quick for me to photograph though.

Then after walking the missus to work and heading home I seen another lizard, bigger then the first one, running about. He stopped and I thought I had time to photograph him, but he was also too fast.

And yesterday after a day at the beach, heading home, I spotted a tiny tiny lizard in some shrubs were I often see lizards just outside our home. This guy was far too small and disappeared in the shrubs pretty quick before I even had chance to think "CAMERA!"

I have spotted lizard, but they've all been too fast for me. And so lizard spot doesn't lose integrity, from now on I am only including lizards that I have photographical proof off. Although I am not conducting a retrospective review. All unphotographed lizards from previous blogs will stay in the count.

So lizard spot stays at 9, as from previous entry.

Good luck lizards, now I mean business.


Blue soup said...

I read this story at and it made me think of you...

Robbie said...

@Soupster Wow. Thats pretty impressive in the Lizard Spot Circles.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

When I went to America when I was about 6, there was a lizard in the spa pool at the hotel and after that I wouldn't go in it.


Miss A said...

I know I haven't popped around for a while, but since when is blogging about lizards the done thing? ;-)

Robbie said...

@Mouthd I'm pretty sure the lizard was feeling the same way if he could get out.

@Miss A It's how I roll. If you look at some of my older posts there are photos of the little guys.