Thursday, 8 May 2008

Crazy Spanish Days

There are some parts of Spanish culture that I am still trying to get used to, eating after tea after 10pm being the one that stands out the most.

Another one was Spanish cartoons. I enjoy watching Spanish childrens TV as I'm hoping it will help with my Spanish. But the other week while watching one cartoon there was a cartoon naked boy running along the screen.
Now that doesn't seem too out of place, but the artist hadn't given the cartoon boy the same shape as Ken or Action Man but had in fact given him 'bits'. This I couldn't belive.

This isn't normal, right?

Also I'd like to point out, no this isn't a cartoon of me. And secondly I can see there is a lizard on the screen and after thinking about it for some time I decided NOT to put it in Lizard Spot.

And one more photo for you today. Remember a few weeks ago I jumped off a wall and damaged my heels. Here is a photo of how the bruise looked a few days later. I don't know why it taken me so long to post this, but....


Anonymous said...

Christ, no wonder it hurt to walk for a few days.

Olly said...

Haha! That's Doraemon, a cartoon from Japan (only Japan could come up with something so screwed up)! I heard it was really popular in Spain and Italy too! Here's the proof!

Robbie said...

@perpetual It tok a while for that bruise to appear, but I was pretty proud of it when it did.

@Olly Yeah I had an idea it might of been Japanese. I've never seen it in the UK (although I haven't watched ITV/BBC kids shows in the UK for a few years. But it's on quite a bit here.

Anonymous said...

The cartoon doesn't look titillating, so it's probably your attitude toward nudity which is twisted. Hope you don't teach your own kids that penises are 'bad.' We have enough people walking around with guilt complexes as it is.