Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Things; They are a changin'

I'm starting to notice a few small changes around the house.
Not major ones.
They're slowly creeping in around everywhere.

A bit like that advice "if you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out; but if you slowly heat up the water then it won't notice."
At least I think that was advice? I'm not sure who it is supposed to be advice for? Why anyone would want to boil a frog, apart from a mental teen of course, I don't know?

But the changes around the house are "starting to warm up," if you like.

What I've been noticing is I think the missus is turning in to a Jew.

I have no idea why she would want to be a Jew? I've got nothing against Jews. Infact I'm not a religious man.
But I can't figure out why the missus would, at this point in her life, want to change her religion?

H'actually I don't know her religion, she might already be a Jew. A closet Jew, but I think she is a Christian. Or a Jedi. One of the two.
So I have no reason why she would want to change her religion from Jedi to Jew? Maybe it's less letters? Or she is getting fed up of the Yoda framed photo beside her bed, but I've started to notice things.
Small things.
Things that only someone who has nothing to do in his spare time and gets excited about buying Pineapples and double socket Scart leads can notice.
She is saying "oye" alot. Especially when she is tired or doing something tiring. (Which is the one way I know she isn't turning Scottish as they say "aye" when agreeing.)

It's small, but to a intelligent frog in a slightly warmer pot then 5 minutes ago, I've noticed.


Anonymous said...

Oye. My feet hurt

Mon said...

How's things in Spain? :)

Brennig said...

When she wears a long dark coat, grows a straggly beard and wears a funny little cap on the back of her head... that's when you know you've got a problem.

Robbie said...

@Pinkosa Sorry for making them hurt even more....eeeep

@Mon Real good. Just waiting for both of our jobs to settle down so we can properly start to enjoy it all.
But at least the summer is here now. And we went to a big party yesterday. But the pool still isn't full :( Ups and downs as you can see.

@Brennig I now actually have monophotographic proof. Wait right there.

Boy said...

Wow. Have you thought about, erm, y'know, talking to her?

I hope she's a jedi. That would be plain and simply cool.