Friday, 23 May 2008

Pizza pie

I love most Italian foods. When I say most, what I really mean is pizza and pasta.

There is one thing that does annoy me about fresh pizzas from the store and that is that all the time the toppings will be grouped together on the pizza base.
Instead of all being all evenly distributed, some sicko in the pizza making factory decides that all the extra cheese goes on one side and the ham goes on the other.

This of course means that I have to reorganise the whole pizza before sticking it in the oven.

The only thing more annoying then this, is uneven pizza topping distribution on frozen pizzas.
Those toppings aren't moving at all unless defrosted.

I did use to have a way around this. Unfortunately it invovled going to the local Asda store. Which is now not possible.
If you do have an Asda store near you, I highly recommend a 14" thin and crispy, regular crust with chicken, mushrooms pineapple and extra cheese on. Fantastic. I miss those pizzas so much.


Anonymous said...

now i want pizza. happy friday :)

Boy said...

Argh! That's one of my personal uber bug bears too!! Kudos to you sir for bringing it to the attention of the public.

Robbie said...

@ashley I want a decent pizza.

@boy It was never really a problem when I got them made at the Asda. But the standards here are low on Pizza Topping Spacial Density.

cataclismical said...

It's 8 am on a hungover Sunday morning .. I now want pizza .. any pizza and I WANT IT NOW!

Robbie said...

@Cat The only kind of pizza you should be eating is warmed up left over pizza.
Anything fresh, just isn't right.