Thursday, 22 May 2008

San Isidro Festival

San Isidro is the Patron Saint of Nerja and the San Isidro festival is the biggest in Nerja. It's the one that the whole town takes part in and there is a huge parade from the church to the Caves, where there is a big party.
It's the best time to see all the men and women dress in their best clothes and have a good time.
Although the missus had very sore feet she eventually caved in to my cries and we walked to the caves to see what was happening. Although we didn't stay too long.
But next year we are going to prepare for it and hopefully take my niece along so she can dress up like a señorita pequeño and walk along with the parade's.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite photographs.
Next time I roll like this

If you look closely the horses you might notice something

Having a relax

This kid was the most photographed person at the festival. Fact!

A small selection of the very colourful dresses that were on display

Let the dancing begin

The missus after a few hours of walking. Doesn't she look happy!

And here is the slideshow

PS Please check out the missus flickr site, she has many more glorious technicolour photos.

Next is the Festival of San Juan. The one I am most looking forward too. Midnight BBQ's on the beach. What more could you ask for?


Dom said...

And why isn't the missus wearing her nice necklace? Hmmm? :D

Anonymous said...

Dom - becasue after an hour of walking in the sun, i would have had a funny shaped tan around my neck!!