Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Time out

I wanted to write about the San Isidro festival (which is now a week old), pizzas or my hair. Anything really as it's been a while since I wrote anything about my life. But everything is on hold.

Something more important is happening shortly.
In Russia.
In fact, you may of heard about the soccerball tournament that's going on over there?

Good luck Chelsea!

Normal sporadic service will return tomorrow.


Boy said...

Oooo sorry about that! Think United deserved it though.

I was at a pub in Manchester. If Chelsea had won, the 3 who dared to wear colours would have had their lives cut short.

Robbie said...

@boy I dont think Chelsea deserved to be drawing at half time. But they certainly took the game to United in the second half.

James said...

I think Chelsea deserved it personally. Anelka didn't look to fussed when he stepped up to take his.

In other news I browsed through some of your videos the other day and that one of everyone playing on the wii (hula hooping, ski jumping etc) was the funniest video clip I have seen for a long time... and what exactly where you doing with your left hand?

Robbie said...

@James He was so promising when we bought him. Don't know what happened.
Glad to see the videos have amused you. I'm waiting to post them a little later so hopefully there will be more laughs ahead.
I still need to get a video of the missus playing Mario Kart. Thats much funnier.
Have you tried out the WiiFit/Hula Hoop

James said...

No I haven't tried Wiifit/Hula Hoop in fact I'd never seen anyone play it before which is quite possibly why I found it so amusing.