Sunday, 15 June 2008

Auto Post Lizard Spot: Missus Credit

If your reading this then that means I'm not back from the Bull Run for whatever reason....*

So it turns out after a few weeks of being disappointed the missus isn't totally rubbish at spotting lizards, she is quite good at it.
She even has an advance skill at spotting them in the dark, something I haven't done yet.

So this Lizard Spot is creditted to the missus, well done

Lizard Spot Count: 14

In other news I got me a snorkel
And I've already spotted loads of fish. Even one big fish. Like the size of fully grown Koi Carps, except not as orange.
And I've been told my waterproof camera has been fixed and should be making it's way to me at the end of the month.
So next we will have Fish Spot along with Lizard Spot.

* This isn't really a magical post. I am in fact back from the Bull Run. All went well, I'll tell you more about it soon. I'm just sorting out some photos.


girl with the mask said...

He is a tiny lizard! Well done to your g/f for spotting that little one!

Robbie said...

@The Mask This guy is much bigger then most we spot. And the missus is far better at lizard spotting nocturnally then me as she proved last night.

Betty the Sheep said...

Bring on the 'Fish Spot'!