Sunday, 29 June 2008

MAJOR Lizard Spot Update: Cockroach Edition

So Lizard Spot has had a bit of a quiet time lately. That doesn't mean that I'm still having the same problems of spotting them. The opposite in fact, I've spotted load's over the last few days. So much so that I'm going to start getting picky over what I count and don't count.

Also as about 99.9% of homes in Nerja are white some photos may look to you like they are duplicates, but you'll have to trust I wouldn't pull that stunt. (If you still don't believe me check out the time stamps)
Here are a few I wont be including.
These guys were too fast for me.

These guys decided they were too shy.

So it turns out that I've been looking for lizards in all the wrong places. Well not the wrong places, just the wrong times. The missus first started to spot them a few days ago but now we both know that lizards are far much easier to spot at night.

Wednesday 25 June
Can you spot this guy? Here is a clue 'X marks the spot.'

Or can you spot this one?

"Who you looking at?"
Photo2 Photo3

Almost the King of the Castle
Photo2 Photo3

Also spotted on our walk home which made the missus jump out of her skin was this guy.
It "nearly ran up her leg," so now she has adopted a walk of lifting her legs up high when walking at night.
Quite amusing really....

Thursday 26 June
Not the best at hide and seek, but points for imagination.

Lizard on Blonde

Friday 27 June
Just the one today. Although we had been out late so it's far past this little guys bed time.

Saturday 28 June
"Lies, lies from tiny eyes."

And finally, spotted by the missus so she gets full credit for this monster.
By far the biggest lizard we've spotted since being here.

There were many more that I've not included due to bad photos. Plus there were some I couldn't photograph for being too slow. Special mention goes out to the White Lizard. This lizard has scared the missus a little bit as it almost completely blended in with the white walls so looked really weird for a lizard.

So that brings Lizard Count now to
Lizard Spot Count:23

Also my waterproof camera is due back in a few days. I'm unsure what to do with Fish Spot as the last few times I've been snorkeling I've been swimming with massive numbers of fish in large shoals, up to a hundred I'd guess. And they aren't as scared of me as lizards are. So I don't want Fish Spot Count get astronomically high within a few days. Plus I'd never count them. I'll just wait and see how good the photos come out on the camera.


Anonymous said...

'lies lies from tiny eyes' is the cutest lizard

commis said...

Those are some really meaty looking lizards. The ones I see around here are quite small and skinny. I did spot a disgustingly outsized black beatle the other day, its shell was like armour. Fortunately it was dead. Even with armour like that it didn't stand a chance against a car.

surviving myself said...

I think we need video of the missus walking with her legs all high.

Robbie said...

@Pinkosa Even cuter then the blurred stencil ones?

@Commis I think the camera is just being nice. Most of the lizards I've spotted have been tiny ones. Although Godzilla Monster the missus spotted was giant.

@Surviving I don't know how I'll get the Green Light to record that moment...I'll try my best.