Monday, 9 June 2008

Breaking the law

A few people have told me horror stories about the policia in Spain. How not to cross them as they don't seem to have the same touchy feely approach as the police back home.

But I have found that some don't care about law as much as others...
The only thing missing from this photo is a basket of flowers and football by his side.
Photo 2 including partner in crime.


Blue soup said...

Are you sure it isn't dead? It looks dead to me.

Robbie said...

He was alive and ok. Promise

Joanna said...

That dog couldn't care less about the law. And what can anyone do about it? "Hey dawg, you're breaking the law, get up!" "No!" "ok"

You're not going to argue with a dog. You can't.

Robbie said...

@ Joanna My point exactly. I doubt he could be any more nonchalant about it. (PS it isn't fun if you block your profile)