Wednesday, 11 June 2008

When a plan comes together

I have recently been playing a lot of Wii Fit. And now that we (think we) have access to the pool I've been doing a few laps swimming each day.

I thought that my recent spurts of exercise were to keep me fit and healthy.

It turns out it's not. It is in fact to prepare me for the Bull Run I am taking part in this Sunday that I only found out about last night.

So who can run faster? Me or a bull? Found out Monday.


James said...

Are you fully paid up on the life insurance policy?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

more to the point - is you mentalist??? a little bit? non?? comprende?? bull ... horns... sharp... bum bum...ouch?

Dom said...

You are insane, however, you just need to run faster than everyone else, or down a side street, or away now before it starts.

I'm guessing if we don't hear from you Monday you've been trampled/gored/maimed/mutilated/killed
or whatever and that your either in too much pain, or too cold and stiff to update us :) Have fun.

Robbie said...

@James Life insurance! Huh?

@Mouth Those are the things I'm trying to avoid the most.

@Dom Faster then other people. Check. I'll make sure to have a "Magic Post" set up for Monday incase I'm trampeled in to the ground!

Betty the Sheep said...

Run Robbie Run!

Robbie said...

@Betty Thats the kind of motivation I need at the run. Thanks