Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A well held secret

So last Thursday I had a big surprise.

After the missus made me help tidy up the house, she took me out for something to eat. We headed down the beach to meet our friend, nothing seemed that out of place.
That was until I walked in to the bar and spotted my dad.

I had to do a double take. At first I didn't recognise him. Then I did and I wondered if I where in some wierd dream? Or had I walked back to England? What the hell was going on?
It turns out my dad saying for a while that he had to get his passport sorted first and would hope to visit as soon as he could was all a lie. He and the missus had been planning this since I last visited Runcorn before leaving for Spain over 2 months ago.

Dad at the bar. He made sure he was dressed warm enough for Spains mild 30 degree weather.

Alot of fun was made by the fact I had converted to half pints (canas) since moving over. My dad and his friend would soon start drinking them themselves.

While my dad was here it was his birthday. Unfortunatly Spain wasn't agreeing with his belly so he was off tapas, food and beers for most of the day.
(A very rare photo of my dad drinking something other then beer in a pub)

We had a great night on his birthday. There was tapas, food, much of which my dad missed out on. There was chatting

Lots of drinking and even some dancing.

Everyone enjoying dad's last night of his visit.

And then it was all over far too quickly.

It was great seeing my dad and Mike. And I had a fantastic time showing them around Nerja.
Although I'm not pleased to learn that the missus secret keeping skills have increased an awful lot from the last time she had to keep secret.
And from what I gathered from my dad, he was very impressed with my new life. And the bars. And he seemed to be able to jump to half pints rather too easily.

And I look forward to his next visit.

Here is the rest of the weekend.


Although I recommend you check out the missus photos, as they are much better.

(Also dad if you're reading this, you'll have to get me the videos and photos Mike took emailed to me when you can.)

Next on my family visits is my niece Megan, who I can't wait to see.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I managed to keep it a secret! And how scared I look in some of those pictures!