Sunday, 1 June 2008

Lizard Spot: FAIL!

Lizard Spot sure is a fail.

The last few days I have been spotting quite a few lizards. But I am still far far too slow to photograph them (Cat if you ever get that gecko out from hiding I want some tips on how to trick them)

Although the other day, as I walked home from work, I spotted a cheeky little lizard down the centre hole of a brick. I got a few steps passed before I realised what I had spotted so I sneaked back and readied my phone/camera.

Except he/she was also too fast for me.

I did take a photograph of the said hole in a desperate attempt to see if I might accidentally snap a pic of said lizard, but I don't think it worked out.

All I can see is an empty packet of cigs and some rubbish.

This is what Lizard Spot is starting to become. Desperate Lizard Hunt.

What a shame! And after all my Good Luck in the first few days here. I though it would be a regular thing.

But if you do spot the lizard in the above picture, please point him out.

Although I am spotting other weird creatures. For instance on the way home from a meal or football watching with the missus I spotted a MASSIVE cockerrocha!

He was rather still for me and I got a few good shots. Luckily neither me or him got knocked over by any cars while messing about in the roads.

Look at how big he is! And shiney! And the size of his feely thingies! Crickey.

So Lizard Spot has been a bit of a FAIL lately, not that I'm not spotting them, I'm just not getting to photograph them.
Luckily there are other insects that are a bit more socialiting.


Olly said...

Had a bloody cockroach in the house the other day, but luckily I wasn't home to see it so the missus had to get rid of it after cryin down the phone in fear to me! Horrible things...

Robbie said...

@Olly I haven't a clue what I'd do if I spotted something this size in the house?
I wouldn't even be able to climb out of the window and use that as the new Default Entrance/Exit for the house as all windows in Spain have metal bar frames on them.

surviving myself said...

You should buy that guy a beer, he seems like a nice bug.

J-Money said...

That picture is terrifying. I instinctively look away any time I'm confronted with something with "feelie thingies".

Although I admit the background is quite picturesque, considering THE FREAKISH MUTANT CREATURE.

commis chef said...

That is one mother cockroach. haven't seen any of those yet down my way - thankfully.

There's a lizard on the grounds of the restaurant where I work, I spy it nearly every day and it always makes me think of Lizard Spot.

Robbie said...

@Surviving I think I should get to know him more first.

@Jmoney I could ever look away. I actively go to them....I'd never touch them though. I'm not Superman.

@Chef You should try to photograph him/her.
I wish I had a regular lizard spotting.