Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lizard Spot: Walk in the Hills Edition

Here is a special edition of Lizard Spot.

During my walks I must of spotted about TEN lizards. There were loads of 'em! And I'm sure I heard a few more walking about in bushes.

Luckily I did get to photograph some of them. But a few didn't turn out as I had hoped.
Firstly the one from my previous post.
This is quite hard to spot, but this was the first lizard I spotted of the day. I had just turned back from walking up the wrong hill and seen this guy run under a tree. I was stuck on top of a rock and any movement I made was going to scare him. I was pretty desperate to get a photo of a lizard so I just took my chance.
If you look carefully you can see his wiggly body in the centre of the photo. If you still can't see him, here is a soft focus of the shot so you get a better idea.

I also spotted this next lizard. The battery on my camera was dying so I was using my phone now. The zoom isn't great and the lizard wasn't staying still very much. This was the only shot I could get of him.
This one is much harder to spot. I forgot he was here when I first checked this photo when at home.
But if you check out this edited photo it will highlight where he is stood. You'll need to pan across to just below and right of the centre to spot the focused part of the photo.

The lizards do get much easier to spot from now on. I promise.

This was the second lizard I spotted on the day. It took a few minutes to get a good position and luckily when he moved he didn't go far at all. So I was able to get some very good photos of this guy.
There is also Photo 2 and Photo 3 of the same lizard.

The last lizard I spotted on my walk was probably the cheekiest. I thought I heard some movement from the bushes, so like always I stood still and checked to my left. I looked all around the shrubs and dirt just behind some massive rock and couldn't spot the lizard. I was almost ready to move away when I spotted this guy sat right on top of the rock with his head held high.
It was almost like he wanted his photo taken. I tried to get a second closer up but he ran.
I wish all lizards where a bit more like him and photo genic.

But at the end of the day I didn't care. On one days hike in the hills my Lizard Spot count had increased 50%.


I can relax now.

Lizard Spot:13


Blue soup said...

There are so noooooo lizards in the first two photos. You're just trying to trick us with pictures of bracken ;)

Robbie said...

@Soup These photos are 100 times more clearer then any Nessy/Big Foot photo you can find! ;)