Sunday, 13 April 2008

Segunda parte

Following on from yesterdays blog, here is the rest of my catch up.

On Thursday morning we had planned to go and sort some official stuff out, but because of the long and tiring first day we decided to take it easy. I volunteered to walk up the shop and pick up some breakfast.
The shop was still closed at 830, so I made my way back home. I tried to find a short cut as the shop is just behind us and the route I took was not very direct. After a few minutes of walking I spotted out apartments, but it was over some railing and down a slope. I decided that I'd take this route and give up on finding a shortcut and for the rest of the time here just go the long way.
When I got to the bottom of the slope there was a small drop, a few feet. A dropped down and landed really hard on my heels. I felt a sharp pain shooting straight up my foot. I immediately thought "I hope I haven't broke anything as I don't know how we would cope then."
I felt really sick as the pain wouldn't go away.
After a few minutes lying on my back I started to wriggle my toes and move my foot around. Everything seemed to be working fine. When I tried to stand up I kept getting a pin in my heels when I stepped on them. I hobbled half way home before feeling very faint and lying down. Then I continued the remainder of the very short walk across the car park to home where I collapsed on the floor, feeling sick, in pain and very very stupid.

The last few days it's been painful walking on my feet. I'm pretty sure, like 99.99% that I've just bruised my heels. One foot has a giant bruise underneath, but feels good. On sorer foot the bruise has just started to appear today. I'm confident this will be a huge bruise. But hopefully the bruise means there is nothing broken.
I've had to wear large walking boots that have a lot of support in them to get anywhere. It's been pretty comical. Although when we were down at the beach I was able to walk about pretty normal on the soft sand.
One foot is feeling much better today. The right one the feels more sore is taking its time to heal. I hope it doesn't interfere with too much of our "holiday time."

We also keep finding offer tiny problems that come along with a new flat. Like I found some teabags and decent milk in some Englishy store, but when I got home I found out we had no kettle. We also got some ham and cheese to make a toastie, or what is know here as a york'eso, but when we got home we found out there was no toaster.
Also the mobile phones are being insane. I can call everyone, but the missus doesn't receive calls. But she can call me. We can both call the new land line we have and that can call me but not the missus. I've been able to send texts, some to my parents which I know they have but I haven't had a reply from them even though I know they have sent some. It's mind boggling and frustrating. The Orange store that is in town has said there is a problem with the network. We were are is pretty much like being in Scotland or Wales. Somewhere where telephone and mobile companies don't concentrate all their efforts. So we hope that the phones sort themselves out soon.

Also another major problem we have is we have been watching too much Seinfeld. I packed three series of DVDs with me. We are on disc 3 of 4 of the last series. We have some more DVDs making there way over in a few weeks, but I hope we don't run out of things to keep us entertained while I still can't walk.

But other then the feet, the scare that we got when the missus couldn't get out money, the phones, the weird creaky bed and the DVDs, things do keep feeling better each day. Especially with the sun making and appearance and being able to hit the beach for a few hours.

Tonight we will be eating out. We have been walking to and from the shops too much the last few days. We still haven't done a big shop. Plus we don't know if any shops are open today. So we are going to treat ourselves. I think it's needed.

So I think that's pretty much up to date with everything. Now I can start letting you know all the good things that happen, like the other day when I spotted a lizard. There should be some good adventures and photos coming along soon.


pink jellybaby said...

you silly stunt man. i can't believe you did this. i can't wait til i don't have to run around like crazy and you can do some things!

commis chef said...

It was worth the wait!

Think of it as getting all the bad parts over with in one go.

I hope everything goes well with your dinner plan. Have a good night!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

It all probably seems a lot worse because of the language barrier as well, tends to add to your worries. I have a question though: had you seen the apartment where you were going to live? Like been to visit it or look around before you moved?

Robbie said...

@Pinkosa You'll be sorry when I'm able to start rushing around everywhere and you're playing catch up.

@Chef Exactly what I Was thinking. I dont think it would of been possible to have had a more rough first two days. But rather it happen at the start then half way through youre right.

@Moutho We are kind of doing ok with the barrier. By not speaking much it helps not to have that problem ha.
Although we did go for something to eat last night and ordered everything in Spanish and only spoke in Spanish. I think the waiters were more pleased with are attempts then we were.
We didn't have chance to check out the apartment before we came over. We only seen what was online. We were already starting to save when we were looking at places to rent and we didn't really have the money to come over for a few days and check everything out.
But if we do stay on beyond the first year, we now know what to look for and we will also be able to view the apartments.