Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hola de espana

So we have arrived in Spain. Things could be going better. I'm walking like a cripple. We have and are still experiencing some mobile technology problems. Not to mention the BBC looks really weird outside of the UK. Also Spain has had some of its worse flooding in a while. We have spent probably more time indoors then out and it's all been very emotional up to now.
So much to say I guess the best place is to start from the beginning.

So Wednesday morning I got about 4 hours sleep. I woke up 2 hours before my alarm was to go off and decided to stay up as I was far too excited.

After saying goodbye to the missus family we headed for the airport. Everything went pretty smoothly in the airport. We got through check-in and security rather quickly. Although we did have to pay an extra £40 as we were carrying to much.

The plane ride wasn't the most fun. I was extra squashed on this journey as I had giant heavy boots on and a bag at my feet which left my legs with not a lot of room.
Arriving at the airport was a little bumpy. The weather outside was drizzly. The sky looked horrible, but the air warm as we stepped out. It wasn't the greeting we wanted, but it was OK.

We picked up our keys from the estate agents and made our way to the apartment. The area seems really residential. I guess we were expecting more of a holiday home, which it is not.
We were even more disappointed to find out the communal pool is more communal then we had expected. It's shared between two apartment blocks. It's empty and closed at the moment so we don't know what to expect when its full. I hope there is room to chill out in the summer.

We didn't have a lot of time in the apartment as we had to leave to go pick up some new fresh bedding and towels.
The trip to the nearby centro commercial was a bit of an adventure. We had no idea where to get off the bus or where to get the connecting tram. We played it cool and managed to time our bus departure correctly and get off in the right area. There was no problem with finding the large shopping centre and we quickly had picked up our bed stuffs and were about to head home. When we got to the tram stop there was a message on the electric board saying the tram was out of service. We hung around for a bit and nothing changed. So we decided to walk back down to the bus stop, it seemed pretty straight. But we soon realised that there was no path. So we went to a near by bus stop. There was no bus timetables or route numbers. We wondered about hoping to find something to help us. Eventually we bumped in to some Spanish people at one bus stop and had to ask in basic Spanish if we were at the right bus stop. We were told we were. Phew.
A bus ride later and we were at the main bus stop and had a ticket for the bus back home to Nerja. Only problem was we had to wait around for 45 minutes.

It was pretty emotional day altogether. We were in a foreign town. Tired. Sore feet. We had been up since 2 in the morning and hadn't eaten since before our flight. And the flat wasn't all we had dreamt.

We had a nice meal that afternoon. Ate out. When we got back we pretty much went to sleep immediately hoping that our first day would be are only bad day and that our views on the apartment and its areas were clouded by the fact we were tired, hungry, feeling lost and running on empty.
But day two had its own twist. More about that later.

You might spot my flickr is updated. All the photos need to be tagged and labelled. I'll post some of the better ones soon. For now though here is a panorama view of the distance from our house to the beach.

Home and Burriana
Click here for the full size.
If you want to know where we live, are apartment is the high rise that is towards the left edge of the panorama. If you can spot where the photos are stitched (which should be easy as the images have different brightness) we are just to the right of the edge of the first photo.

Right I'm off to read all of you. My RSS feed says I have 96 new messages. I'll be a little busy.


commis chef said...

Your back! Phew. And with a cliff hanger no less.

Too bad your first day wasn't so smooth. I would say at least it can only get better, but since I don't yet know the twist of day 2, I better hold off from jumping the gun a bit...

Hope things are looking up by now anyway!

red said...

Like I said to your pink friend things are always tough at first. I really feel for you both but I'm sure everything will smooth itself out soon and you'll be enjoying la vida aqui before you know it. Best of luck.

Robbie said...

Chef Yeah we are back. Just about. It's good to be able to communcate with people, including family, to let them know we are fine.
Things have been looking up more lately thanks to the sun :D

Red, thanks. We, or at least I, have made it much tougher for us. But I;m sure your right and we will be fine in a few days.