Friday, 25 April 2008

Mo' money, mo' problems

I have so much to share, home made movies, grasshoppers, lizard watch, being paid less then the missus, bruised feet and crazy Spanish cartoons.
But I have my paretns visiting in about 6 hours so I am getting ready to surprise them at the apartment with bonus alcohol. Cant wait.

I'll share everything else once all has quitened down. Now I'm off to do the dishes so all looks well before our parents view the new casa tomorrow.


Betty the Sheep said...

Hope the visit from the parentals is going well. :-)

nancypearlwannabe said...

It makes me nervous to think about what could cause bruised feet.

Robbie said...

@Betty Yeah it did go well. Phew! And not nearly as many tears as I had expected.

@Nancy The bruised feet comes from me being silly and dropping off a high wall. I landed on my heals. They are much much better now though.