Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Now it's time to get excited.

In less then 24 hours I'll be a few thousand feet above France.

Destination: A new home and a new life.

Me and the missus have been planning this move for a few months. The excitement has slowly built up like a snowball being rolled in the snow.
The last three weeks have been a bit tiring. We've travelled up North to say goodbye to my family, had to get rid of the pet fish and said goodbye to various friends and more recently the missus family.
All this saying goodbye wasn't fun. Obviously there are downsides when moving country, like not taking your loved ones with you.

But each visit to a family member or friend has had the conversation about how excited we are, but knowing that we still have day even weeks left. The excitement, being honest, has gotten a little tiring. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to step off the plane. Actually I can't wait to get our essential first few days out of the way and take the short 5 minute walk down to the beach. But those that have moved will know that feeling of all the anticipation having built up over months and you just want to get rid of it.
I just want so see the new house. Want to start my new life. I want to be able to take sunset walks down the beach in warm weather. Go to weekly farmers markets and haggle, badly, in Spanish.

Then there has been my constant daily checking of facebook groups for Nerja and message boards which has only increased my excitement to very high levels.

But there isn't long left. 23 hours and we will be taking off. A few more hours and we will be dumping our bags and enjoying the new beach and mountain scenery.
The anticipation will then be able to trail out of us the closer we get to the house.

The excitement. Well that's going to stay for some time.

Although there are a few things I could moan about, and that could make any jealous people smile. The Euro is at it's highest against the Pound ever. We won't be getting as much for our savings. Although we will be getting in jobs in Spain so hopefully not spend to much of the savings.
And the forecast for the first few days is going to be rain and mild temperature. It might not be until after the weekend that we see some really good "go and hang out at the beach weather."

Right I'm off to unpack my suitcase to see if I have packed everything.
The next you hear from me I'll hopefully be blogging my from my back garden.

But if we haven't got wifi, I'm sure there will be plenty of bars by the beach that we can use :D

And for those that missed it, make sure you check out my previous blog about many different ways to follow our adventure.

Wish us luck and I'll see you on the other side.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD! The time has passed so quickly!!!

Sending so much good luck to you and Pinky - have a wonderful flight. I bet you guys are jumping off the walls in excitement!

Can't wait to hear about your Spanish adventures!

surviving myself said...

good luck!

jiminycricket said...

Wow man... It's time!
That's so awesome. I'm jealous.
Where will you be living in Spain?

In other news, I want your pool.

Olly said...

Is that really your pool?! Damn! That is nice! Enjoy the move - it's the best time!

Rebecca said...

Good luck to the both of you. A new life how exciting!

commis chef said...

You're there! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Robbie said...

Yes we are here kind of ok. Much to tell. Just commenting from my phone using some bars wifi. Hopefully have full internet tonight.