Thursday, 17 April 2008

Whats going on with you then?

Well things are now getting in to their stride in Nerja. We've gone from taking little steps and finding our place in this town to strides.
We've done a proper big shop (although the next big shop is at a different mercado just to test their prices - neither sell spit roast chicken which would easily tip the scales in favour of that establishment)

My feet are getting much better. I was able to walk down to the beach today in my sandals.
This may not seem like a great deal, but I have lately been walking around with as much padding on my feet as possible to stop too much pressure being put on my heels. That has meant I have been walking around in my hiking boots, not ideal for Spring time on the South coast of Spain.

The missus has been getting better sleeping. We underestimated how cold it would get of a night and didn't pick up a thick enough blanket. That's been fixed thanks to the blanket we bought off the airline. (Until a permanent fix can be found or it warms up)

We had interviews for are jobs today. I was told by the girl who we applied through that we both had jobs.
When I got to the interview/meeting thing, the gentleman I was talking to didn't know about the interview. Although he did seem pleased with me he said that a position had just come up. Which put me off as I was expecting to be told I had a job anyway regardless of someone else leaving.
I was told I'd get a call back today about starting Monday. I've not heard from them. We have spent the afternoon on the beach, but they had my mobile number which is excepting calls.
We've inquired about this so hopefully will know more tomorrow morning.
What I do know is that the person who interviewed us doesn't hire people, his boss does. Who was the person that greeted us at the beginning and was expecting us and also interviewed and hired the missus. So hopes are high.
Regardless of the outcome though, once I do have the call I'll start applying for bar work as extra income/socializing reason/practising Spanish.

We also got a video camera as a gift. It hasn't really been used yet. I'll try and get on to that and upload some videos soon.
Oh and sort out a photos post of my favourite photos up to now.


Betty the Sheep said...

Best of luck with the jobs for both of you and I hope the weather warms up!

commis chef said...

That's disappointing! Hope it all works out.

The bar thing though is definitely a good idea for integrating, you know making friends and learning the lingo. I reckon my French has improved since I started working at the restaurant...

Robbie said...

@Betty Thank you very much. I hope the weather brightens up too. It's raining out today :(.

@Chef Things did work out ok with the job. I start on Monday. I hope I do well at selling though??
The problem I have found after being here a few days is that most of the bars - a very high percentage - are British. So I don't know if I'll need much Spanish there.