Thursday, 3 April 2008

Is that it?

It's getting pretty close to the move. So close infact my phone now displays the calender entry on it's front screen.
Ready to move?
Everytime I look at my phone I see this

We moved the fish yesterday too. Unfortunately due to us panicking a bit about the fish we forgot to pick up the camera to celebrate their Big Move to a garden pond.
Annie and Pebbles before the move
Tank before the move
Tank after the move
Empty tank after the move
There werent any problems with moving the fish in the end. It might be hard to spot Annie (the bigger white fish) as about 50% of the fish in the new pond are big and white like her.
But they seemed to like their new surroundings. The cutest moment was Larry the Loach, after being let out of the bag, came up for a little mouthful of air before disappearing to the bottom of the pond, where he will most likely spend the remainder of his time playing at the foot of the waterfall in the bubbles. I hope he is enjoying himself
I'd love to see him, and the other three, again some time in the future.

So I've started my packing. I've already sent off about a third of my clothes to my mum so I can use some of the baggage allowance she had spare. The remainder of the clothes here are slowly filling up my brand new, to be used only once, suitcase.
Suitcase half full
The case looks like its about half full. But I know its not close to being full as every time I close the lid it drops down and closes without any resistance at all. I'm not close to filling it.

There isn't much more to pack. I have a few work pants and shirts hanging up. A few other things, a tshirt or two and pair of jeans. Basically anything that is coming back from the washing machine clean is going straight in to the suitcase.
Empty wardrobe
Now we have loads of hangers that have no use

There has been a bit of debate over the packing management too. I've packed my clothes by rolling everything. The way I see it things may be a bit taller, but they are not as wide. The missus on the other hand has gone for folding everything. Everything may be flat, but it's also longer. There is a bet going on as to who can fit in the most in the suitcase - without going over the 20kg allowance.

It's only a few more days now. Less then a week in-fact. I've got 1 more day in work, a weekend with the missus family then two days of cleaning up the flat and turning in to a giant stick of excitement. Can't wait!

Ducky looking lost. Guardian of the fish no more.


pink jellybaby said...

now you made me even more sad about the fish going! :(

Robbie said...

The fish are loving their new home. Zoom about and chatting with all the other fish

red said...

It's so exciting. You seem very well organised too. Impressive stuff.
(Have you looked into the Benicassim festival in July? From the comments you left on my blog I'd say you'd like it. It's one of the best festivals I've ever been to- could be a good idea seen as you won't get much live music in the South.)

Robbie said...

Hi Red, yeah you got great taste in music. I've heard of Benicassim. The line ups have been impressive when I've seen it and wanted to go on a few occasions.
But Radiohead are playing in their own mini festival in Barcleona, Daydream, which is at parc del forum. Modeselektor, bat for lashes and few other Radiohead selected bands are playing. Plus Jonny is conducting his own Orchestra, which will be cool.
Although the line up is nowhere near that of Benicassim's if I'm going to Barcelona for a gig it would be Daydreamer.
I just need to figure out if I can afford the flight and hotel for a night

Dom said...

You've got nothing in your calander between now and the 9th?

Get an iPhone :D

Robbie said...

I doubt the iphone would make me more popular.
Plus the iphone is archaic. I mean that thing cant even send an MMS. Thats pretty dumb designing right there.

Boy said...

I can't believe you're actually moving. Are you not actually pooing a little?

Robbie said...

No not really. I'm just really excited. I keep thinking of al the really little things that you shouldnt be excited about, like how all the road signs and stuff will be different and all the trees/flowers being really exotic. Cant wait!

commis chef said...

Wowza! The fish are gone. The luggage is packed. Woooooo Hooooooo!

But man, it sounds like you won't have enough baggage allowance for all your expat essentials...

You won't need them at first anyway. I'm sure all your impending summer visitors will bring you all the Branston pickle and Cadbury's fruit & nut you could hope for.

Robbie said...

Except for clothes, the only electrical things I am taking is my Wii. That will go in my hand luggage (there is no way I'm letting that out of my sight).
I think we get 10kg of handluggage too so anything over 20kg will just go in hand luggage.
But we have quite a bit of family coming over a few weeks after to visit so we are getting them to bring over DVDs and books with them and use their allowance.

Speaking of spreading the weight, I want to take my heavy hiking shoes to Spain and rather then packig them and losing alot of space and weight to them, I'll be wearing them on the plane. Which is quite amusing as they are massive. I hope I dont get any funny looks for not dressing in the stereotypical british holiday makers shorts/sandals combo for the flight.