Tuesday, 1 April 2008

A little bit of Radiohead news.

Not content with distributing In Rainbows in their own way, Radiohead have another way of marketing their singles.

With the release of Nude just around the corner (next Monday on CD single or can be downloaded now at some online stores) Radiohead have set up a website so people can buy seperate components of the song, ie bass, voice, guitar and remix their own version. If they want to people can also upload their creation and have everyone vote on them.


Thats much better then just sticking it Capital Radios 8 song playlist.


PS Radiohead take over BBC Radio2 today with a whole bunch of live performances and interviews. It all kicks off at 2.


Dom said...

Bah! NiN did that ages ago by released one of their tracks in Garage Band format for you to download and remix. The then did a second one in quite a few formats so the PC brigade could get involved too.

Robbie said...

No one listens to NiN though :)

But it's a more interesting way to carry out promotional work, regardless of who did it first/who did it best/who hasn't done it. I'm looking forward to hearing some of the fan work on the website.

Deutlich said...

effin' love Radiohead - thanks for the info

Dom said...

What are you trying to say? That once they'd released 'Further down the broken fixed spiral' containing remixes of remixes of remixes of songs they'd released 20 times already Trent finally disapeared up his behind? :D

I still listen to old NiN. Not so keen on the newer stuff. I don't even know any radiohead songs (although no doubt if you played the more well known ones to me I'd recognise it) :D

Robbie said...

deutlich, no worries. If your a fan of radiohead you should check my blog post from my old blog
Its from back in January when Radiohead played a free gig. I stood about for 5 hours to get a ticket.

Dom, that is alot of remixs. I've never really been a NiN fan. I think I remember one or two of their songs.
You might recognise a few Radiohead songs, but my favourite songs are alwyas the ones that dont get released.