Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My favourite photos of the last few days

So I have been promising them for a while, but here are my favourite few (15 just to keep it short) photos of the last few days.

Here is us leaving the country
I'm not sure where that is, some place close to Southampton I think. Can anyone confirm?

Here is us on the beach.
There aren't many photos of me and the missus together. Infact I think this is the only one. It was taken on teh day we had arrive. As you can tell we look very tired and worn out. That certainly was a long day.

One of my favourite things about Nerja is where it is located.P4121252
On a beach, surrounded by lots and lots of mountains. I can't wait to get up there and start having a wonder around those mountains.
When my foot is better of course.

As mentioned above, I love the surrounding beach.
I also can't wait for the sea to start warming up so I can have a mess about in the sea. I don't know why but I just love water. I'll have to make sure I don't wear my expensive sunglasses when in the sea as last time a pair got knocked off by a wave.

On of my prettiest photos.
This is the area leading up to our apartments, you cannot see our apartments, they're just off the left hand side of this photo.
It took a few attempts to get this shot and I hope to get many more like it, if I can keep still long enough.

Here is a slideshow of my favourite 15 or so photos of the first few days.

You can see all my photos by pointing your browsere here (flickr).

I highly recommend you check out my PANORAMIC photos.


Betty the Sheep said...

Lovely pics, the one of the sea is really great!

Robbie said...

I got quite alot of the sea. I don't know whether the sea ones are my favourite or the mountain ones are?