Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lizard Watch 20.04

It seems that my lizard spotting always comes in pairs.

The other day on our way down to the beach I spotted a lizard on the steps leading down to the beach.
At first I thought it was burnt and dead. It was all dark and had it's tail off. When I took a closer look I noticed it wasn't burnt but had a dark skin tone.
This was the first lizard I have spotted of this kind, I think its an Iberian Wall Lizard.

At first I didn't want to take the photo as I thought it was dead. But as I leaned closer I seen it move so I figured take a photo quickly.
Once I had taken the photo the lizard hadn't moved. So I tried to budge it. It moved, but not very far. We got a bit concerned that it might get stepped on with it being in the middle of the main steps leading to the beach so I kept trying to push it along but it just wouldn't move to the bushes.
I think that it was in a bit of shock as the tail had some liquid coming out of it so it must of only just let it go.
In the end I had to pick up and move it to the bushes.
Later on when we walked past to go home we had a look were we had left the lizard and he had gone which I think is a good sign.
I hope he was ok in the end.

The second lizard I spotted was just at the bottom of the road leading up to our house. Unfortunately this one only stood still long enough for me to get my camera ready but ran for it as I went to get a photo, so sorry no photo for number 6.

Lizard Watch Count: 6


nancypearlwannabe said...

That lizard looks like it got ran over! Very strange.

Betty the Sheep said...

Cool photo of the lizard, but it does look a bit flattened!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

What did you do with its tail?

Or are you chopping them off and keeping the tails as proof of the lizard spot?

surviving myself said...

you are now 6 lizards up on me. But watch your back, May is a HUGE lizard month in NY.

Smartphone said...

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Robbie said...

@Pearly It reality it looked more crispy burnt, but you're right, it was rather flat.

@Betty I hope to get betty ones. Once I get to go the campo (rural/farm areas) they have far better wildlife then the villages.

@Mouthchow Yes that would be a good idea as proof. I wish I was fast enough to catch a lizard, then they would all be in my house. But no, it was like that when I found.

@Surviving You have some catching up then.